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When I was in elementary school, I remember a dentist coming into our class with something similar to plaque highlighters. I thought they were the neatest thing, then never saw or heard of them again! Until now. As a member of the US Family Guide, I get free access to loads of fun and cool products, services and attractions. One of those products is Plaque Highlighters disclosing tablets by Smile Brilliant. These things are super cool and help your child learn proper brushing techniques while making brushing their teeth fun!

Smile Brilliant Plaque Highlighters

How plaque highlighters work:

First your child chews one plaque highlighter tablet. The plaque highlighters temporarily highlight plaque and tartar buildup a bright pink/purple color.

Then, kids then have the challenge to brush, rinse, floss, etc until all the color is gone. This helps your child learn good brushing habits by brushing longer and focusing on all parts of their teeth.

Smile Brilliant Plaque Highlighters

Why is plaque harmful?

Plaque is a film that covers teeth containing bacteria that attack tooth enamel & cause cavities. When plaque is not removed by brushing, it can harden into tartar, leading to gum disease & other issues.

Our trial

I tried them out with one of our daughters. In the photo, you will see a ton of color. That is, mostly, because I had her chew the tablet shortly after eating a meal. So, there was food on her teeth, which may have impacted the amount of purple you see.

After brushing her teeth, the purple was gone except for on her tongue and a small spot by her mouth, so keep that in mind. It did stain her tongue, temporarily a pretty fuchsia color! It lasted a few hours, then faded away.

Over all, I’d say these are a really great way to making brushing teeth fun, as well as showing your children where they need to really focus. They brush their teeth, but may miss some spots on a regular basis. These tablets will show you, and them, where those missed spots are but highlighting buildup.

She said the tablets taste pretty good. They are easy to chew and dissolve pretty quickly.

My kids are a little older and do a pretty good job of brushing their teeth but these tablets definitely come in handy. And not just for kids learning to brush, but for adults as well. I’ll definitely use them to see where I need to focus more on my teeth brushing and flossing!

Smile Brilliant Plaque Highlighters

I keep the box sitting on the counter, beside their toothbrushes, so they can grab one before brushing.

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Use Code usfg25 at checkout to save 25%!

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