Yale Digital Door Viewer With Recording

When we first moved to our current home, one thing Crystal immediately missed from our old house was the door viewer. We call it a peep hole. Because we had a sleepy newborn at the time, she liked being able to look out when someone knocked on the door. If it was my mom or another family member, fine. If it was a solicitor she wouldn’t open the door. The house we live in now doesn’t have that. That’s one reason she created that printable no soliciting sign awhile back. But she really wanted a door viewer. Something that would allow her to see who was at the door before deciding to open it or not.

This item is listed on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

She finally convinced me that we need a peep hole when I had a little incident with a politician. We were trying on costumes for a costume party and I was dressed as a pirate. Fully decked out with costume, hair, beard, accessories, etc. My mom and step-dad were there and we were expecting my brother. I heard someone walk up the steps and knock on the door. Assuming it was my brother, I jerked the door open and said AARGH!!!!, sword in hand. It wasn’t him.

It was a politician out campaigning. With his young daughter. There’s nothing like being greeted at the door by a pirate in full costume! Needless to say, he thought we were all crazy and never came back. If I’d had something like the Yale Digital Door Viewer with Recording I could have saved myself from some embarrassment. I’d have seen who was at the door right away because it has a built-in LED screen that lets you see the who/what is at your door.

Digital Door Viewer With Recording

Digital Door Viewer With Recording

This viewer even comes within sd card so you can record who’s visiting. That is a great feature to have if you plan on traveling or being away from home for the day. It adds an extra layer of home security. It’s also great for kids who may not be tall enough to look through a standard peep hole. They can look at the LCD screen and see exactly who is there.

Digital Door Viewer With Recording

It’s available in black and silver so it will look great on any door. It comes with everything you need to install it into an existing peep hole. You’ll need to drill a hole if you don’t already have one. Our door is steel so I’ll need a different drill bit than the one I have. We received one to test out so I don’t have any excuse for not installing a peep hole for Crystal. And after the AARGH incident, I’m ready. I’ll share a photo and update when I get it installed!

Yale Real Living Digital Door Viewer

MSRP: $110.00

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Yale Real Living products are dependable and made to last and I’m looking forward to using the Yale Digital Door Viewer with recording capability.

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  1. What a great product! I really like the recording feature. We will start building our house here in a month or two and I’ll have to add that to my list of things to check out for it. That’s a great pirate story too! 🙂

    • You would have laughed yourself silly if you had seen the look on that poor mans face! His daughter thought it was funny but I think he may have tinkled a little. 😀

      Definitely check out the door viewer for your new house. we feel like it adds a nice extra layer of security. And congratulations on your new house too!

  2. Maintain certain safety standards for your home security. This Yale digital door viewer is a great product especially when your away from home. Thank you for sharing this.


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