Stock Your Healthy Pantry During The THM Cyber Monday Sale!

This Monday, December 2, 2019, Trim Healthy Mama will be hosting their annual THM Cyber Monday Sale. If you love THM products, like I do, you won’t want to miss out on this sale. EVERYTHING will be on sale! Plus, a selection of brand new products will be making their way into stock.

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THM Cyber Monday Sale

Yep, you read that right. ALL Trim Healthy Mama products will be on sale, while supplies last. If you’re needing to stock up on THM Integral Collagen, Whey Protein, sweeteners or any of their other countless amazing products, now is the time to do it.

THM Coffee

Along with this awesome sale is the release of their new THM Coffee, Middle Mountain Coffee. There is a long story behind this coffee, but, long story short, it will be good! The sisters originally ordered coffee beans from the top of a Guatemalan mountain. There was a mix up and their beans came from a different area of the mountain. Still pure, amazing beans, they weren’t going to sell them due to the mix up. We mama’s begged for it anyway. I mean, it’s still amazing coffee so we want it! They agreed and will be offering it at a great deal. $9.99 for a bag of coffee beans PLUS a THM Trimmy Mug! These will go quickly so get in there early if you want it!

New THM Hemp Topical Creams

The next product is a brand new hemp topical cream. Here is a quote from their latest ezine giving you more info:

Our Trim Healthy Hemp (CBD products) have been some of our best selling items. Now we have more to offer. Not only does CBD help with pain, sleep, mood and so many other health challenges… did you know it is also incredible for your skin and helps fight wrinkles and other signs of aging? For this reason, we have added it to our Orange Cream. If you’ve ever tried our Orange Silk Hydrating Cream, you’re probably hooked on it. You can now get it with added CBD for even more skin rejuvenation, healing, and hydration. We will also have an option of purchasing the Extra Mild Cream (anyone with sensitive skin will want this) with CBD added. Many of you have asked for more CBD only items (instead of whole hemp extract) as you’re worried about showing positive on urine tests, etc. Next week we’ll also introduce CBD-only Feminine Balance, and Masculine Prime in our powerful, proprietary aloe-based, cream formula. Amazing stuff!

————————————————————–THM November Ezine

What are some things you plan to purchase during the THM Cyber Monday Sale? I need to stock up on oat fiber, collagen and Pristine Whey Protein. I have my eye on that Orange Silk Hydrating Cream with added cbd too!

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