20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea For Guys

I’ve been wracking my brain for 20th wedding anniversary gifts for Clay. He’s picky, remember. I usually just have him pick out something he wants but this is our 20th wedding anniversary. That’s a big deal! I want to get him special gifts to help say “Yo, dude, I love you!” and all that.

I finally found something I know he’s going to like. Folks, I have a really cool wedding anniversary gift idea for guys to share with you. I teamed up with Snake Bite Co. to give Clay a personalized Snake Bite, and no, I’m not talking about those facial piercings. I’m talking about a really unique, engraved, custom bottle opener.

A bottle opener? Yep. But not just any ‘ole dinky bottle opener. This one is sick!

Instead of the standard, one hole punch, this one has two. Hence the name, Snake Bite.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Custom Bottle Opener

Clay is a beer drinker and a soda drinker. Not only will this bottle opener open his bottles, it will also punch holes in the cans, venting them and allowing better air flow. This creates a smoother pour, less foam in your beer, and easier drinking.

Here’s an extended idea about that. For my mom’s homemade vegetable soup she always added a large can of tomato juice. She would use her bottle opener to punch a hole in each side of the can. The juice would glug, glug, glug in to the pot. With the Snake Bite opener, one punch is all you need and it pours right in! So it works for cooking too! (Clay’s chili – yum!)

The carrying handle of the Snake Bite Original opener is leather and I was able to get it engraved with Clay’s initials, making it a personalized 20th wedding anniversary gift! He likes bar ware and things that help make entertaining easier so this is something he’s going to enjoy. It’s simple. But it’s perfect!

Personalized Snake Bite Bottle Opener – 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Custom Bottle Opener

The leather handle, which is 100% sourced and made in the USA, is also a key chain so when we are out and about, Clay has it with him. The bottle opener, itself, is constructed of 302 stainless steel. It is attached to the leather with military grade kydex holster eyelets and nickel-plated hard drawn steel split rings. So it’s sturdy!

It also comes with a pocket sized, recycled craft card stock instruction card and muslin gift bag, also made in the USA.

We also received a really nice can coozie and coaster too. The coozie will help keep canned drinks cold and concealed and hands warm. I’m giving this to Clay for our 20th wedding anniversary, but really, it is a great gift idea for any occasion!

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Custom Bottle Opener

There are other really cool products available from Snake Bite Co. like bottle openers, coozies, coasters, shot glasses, apparel and other accessories.

I want them!

Until then, I can’t wait to give this bottle opener to Clay for our 20th wedding anniversary. It is the perfect gift for him and I can’t wait to see his reaction! Now to hide this post from him so I don’t spoil the surprise!

This item is listed on our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

Snake Bite Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive TWO Snake Bite Openers – one for you and one for a friend. Giveaway ends 11/3/16

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