4 Must-Haves When Designing The Perfect Home For The Modern Family

Our home design represents the personality of the modern family. As the dynamics of the American family changes, so does the look of their homes. The average American spends $289,415 on building their home, according to the National Association Of Home Builders – a large and lifetime investment to get a home that matches their tastes, lifestyle and dreams. From creating a home filled with character to the latest trends in home decor and accessories, there are certain non-negotiables in today’s modern family homes.

4 Must-Haves When Designing The Perfect Home For The Modern Family

Sustainability Makes Its Move To Home And Interior Decor Choice

Sustainability is no longer just a factor in consumer shopping patterns; it is now influencing home ownership. Green building, including the use of reclaimed materials, has been particularly popular with the younger generation of homeowners. As millennial families enter the housing market, their strong demand for sustainability is influencing their choice of home design, including seeking out specialists in reclaimed fireplaces. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, consumers want – and will pay more for – eco-friendly features in their homes like window design, building materials, painting supplies, and reclaimed fireplaces.

However, it is not just about the sustainability of home building materials. A key trend for home design in 2020 has also been the rise of eco-friendly fireplaces. Instead of wood-burning or gas alternatives, eco-friendly fireplaces work with ethanol and isopropyl alcohol gel, which requires no ventilation. This means the fireplace can be placed in any room of the home and made the focal point. As a bonus, eco-friendly fireplaces are cheaper to install, averaging between $700 and $2,250 to install.

Colors Are In, Neutrals Are Out

Modern family homes are also changing in their color palettes. For decades, neutrals have been the paint color of choice. Home interior trends for 2020 and today’s family homes include a preference for warmer colors, floral wallpapers, and geometric prints. To avoid color clashing, a great tip is to keep your colors in complementary families. To keep it streamlined, be careful to strike a balance between color and pattern in your interior decor choices.

Multi-space Potential Is Important

Room to grow is often an important consideration for homeowners when choosing their first home. As your family grows larger or moves through the different stages of life, the way you use your home changes. However, moving to a larger home is not always possible for families in today’s climate. More Americans want to downsize their homes than before. With this, more families have begun to seek multi-use living spaces in their homes. In response, The Meadows by Bayberry and many other home developers now include an open floor concept in most of their model home ranges, blending key living space in the family home like the kitchen, living room and breakfast area. Not only can this concept maximize space in smaller homes, but it can also increase the market value of your home – a bonus when it is time to sell. 

To create a multi-function space in your room, try blending playrooms with your family living room or your child’s bedroom. Another great and timeless room combination has been the kitchen/dining combination. With an open floor plan and design options like adding seating to your kitchen island, you can make the kitchen a central space in your home. Another tip to help with the creation of multi-function rooms is to add hidden storage space to your home, including making use of vertical shelving.

Smart Home Design Is Now The Norm

Finally, thanks to IoT in home design and today’s tech-savvy homeowners, smart home design has now become essential in family homes. From integrated appliances like WiFi connected kitchen appliances to the installation of smart home lighting, families can now control key functions of their homes using their mobile phones. In the kitchen, smart faucets like Kholer’s Sensate Faucet and smart refrigerators like Samsung’s Intelligent Family Hub 2020 Smart Fridge help today’s busy families stay on track, and include features like meal recommendations and restock notifications on your phone. To take advantage of all these features, don’t forget to ensure that you have the strongest internet connection possible – if you don’t, it may be worth looking into other reputable internet providers on the market to learn more about how you can upgrade your internet and to make the process of using smart home devices as stress-free as possible. 

As the way families are living changes, so does the face of the family home. What was considered outlandish or luxury in the past is now essential for family living. Smart home appliance, bolder color choices and flexible living spaces are key features of this change.

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