Get Rid Of Toxic Products With A Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

Several years ago, I discovered essential oils and began using a few. I used Tea Tree in shampoo to help prevent lice and I use peppermint and lavender in a diffuser to help me sleep. Other than that, I didn’t realize the beauty of essential oils and all they can do to help me rid toxins in my home! Then, I discovered Simply Earth and their Essential Oils Recipe Box.

This recipe box is a monthly subscription. Unlike other companies, you can skip months, gift a month to someone else, substitute oils ($2 fee) if you already have one that is in your next box or if you simply can’t use that oil. For instance, folks with high blood pressure should avoid certain oils, like rosemary essential oil. So if that was an oil that was in an upcoming box, you could exchange it for something else.

They recipe box subscription comes with 4 full sized bottles of either single essential oils or blends. Typically there are 1 – 3 singles and a blend or two. It also comes with 6 recipe cards with recipes using those specific oils. There is usually a couple more ingredients or bottles to make your recipes.

Simply Earth Recipe Box July 2020

For instance, the recipe box in the photo, above, includes the 4 oils, shampoo base, conditioner base and another bottle to make a blend in. I was able to make my very own, toxin free, shampoo, conditioner, cuticle oil, a diffuser blend that gives any room a salon vibe, a roll on to help curb appetite and a dry shampoo!

On your very first subscription and then again twice per year, you will also receive a Big Bonus Box that includes several empty bottles, roller bottles, carrier oils, etc. to get you started on your essential oil journey.

I am not an affiliate but I do have a referral code that will save you $0 off your first 5 boxes. That’s a $50 savings! I signed up with a similar code, from a friend, and haven’t looked back!

Claim your $50 VOUCHER ($10 off your first 5 boxes) for the Simply Earth Essential Oil Box with my code: CRYSTALM5015 |

All of Simply Earth’s essential oils are 100% pure and go through GC/MS testing to ensure their purity. If an oil doesn’t pass the test, they reject it! SO, what you’re getting is high quality.

Also, when you join, you will be invited into a private Facebook group for any help you may need, as well as invited to join their Essential Oils Hero’s course FREE! This, alone, is over a $200 value! So it’ is really worth it.

You get 6 new recipes, essential oils and ingredients every month as well as the knowledge of how to use essential oils safely.

With that said, ALWAYS use essential oils the right way. They are extremely concentrated and can be harmful if not used properly. So, always do your own research, especially if you have health issues or take medications, and always, always, always follow usage guidelines from a reputable source like Simply Earth, who by the way, is NOT an MLM company. They are a trustworthy smaller company run by certified aromatherapists, who really know their stuff.

I plan to share each new recipe box, I receive, each month so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for spoilers!

Are you ready to sign up?

Claim your $50 VOUCHER ($10 off your first 5 boxes) for the Simply Earth Essential Oil Box with my code: CRYSTALM5015 |

There’s also a chance to win a free box when you enter the Simply Earth giveaway!

Leave me a comment, below, if you join. Or tag us @CinnamonHollow on Instagram, in a photo of your first box! I can’t wait to see your boxes!

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We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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