4 Tips For Posting Holiday Content On Your Social Media

Social media is a great marketing tool for businesses, as it allows companies to reach a huge audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. You can even target specific demographics with social media marketing to build your customer base. However, social media platforms run on very tricky algorithms, which most of us aren’t familiar with. This is why our reach rarely goes beyond a few hundred of our followers.

With the holidays around the corner, social media platforms will be full of holiday posts, and you, too, will most likely come up with exclusive holiday offers to post on your business’s social media profiles. With all your hard work, it would be a sheer waste if your posts were unable to get the visibility they deserve. Therefore, you need to understand how to create and share the right kind of content that will help you gain traction.

In this article, we will share four excellent tips for posting your holiday content, using which you may just land on the ‘For You’ page this season. Let’s get started.

Stock Photos

If you want to ace social media, stock photos are your new best friend, especially for holiday posts. Holidays in America are commercialized, and each holiday has its unique characteristics and quirks. For example, think about Halloween, and you will immediately think of pumpkins, the color orange, and upside-down hanging bats. Now, if you want a viral Halloween post, you would have to step up your regular social media content game and really create a series of aesthetically pleasing pictures for your Halloween-centric post.

An easy hack is to just use Halloween stock photos. You can always take your own photos, but the time and effort that it takes is hardly worth it, especially when you can get the same thing with the simple click of a button. Stock photos are usually taken by professional photographers, and a lot of time and thought goes into each photograph. By using them as filler images or backgrounds for your stories, you can create the perfect, attention-grabbing holiday content for your social media.

Creative Captions

When it comes to social media posting, the caption is just as important as the post. With the right caption, people will stop, actually focus on your post, and receive the message intended for them.

Captions can make or break your entire post. Since most social media content is made up of images, captions give you the opportunity to speak and share your message. People don’t have the time to read through paragraphs and paragraphs of information. Moreover, on some social media platforms, you have to adhere to a character limit, like on Twitter (X), so you have to be very careful about the length of your caption. What you need is a short and effortless hook that is smart, witty, and engages your existing and potential customers.

Start a Conversation

Doom scrolling is the black plague of the 2020s. We waste so much time just scrolling mindlessly through our social media, consuming nonsensical content that has no real use in our lives. With viral tricks, you can also end up as just another post that people will rush through to get to the next one. However, if you want to build a loyal follower base, you need to be more mindful about the content you post.

Anything and everything you share should have some utility for your target audience. Whether it increases their knowledge or introduces them to a new idea or skill set, your content must start a conversation. Ask questions, discuss ongoing issues, teach skills, share information, and do what you must, but be more than a 10-second laughing pill that consumers will forget about in an hour.

A great trick is to create scenarios for your followers to engage. Ask for their opinion or personal experience. For instance, for holiday posts, you can ask your followers to share their favorite meals or costumes. As people start commenting, not only will they remember your page, but traffic to your profile will also start to increase.

BTS Reels

If you’re a K-pop fan, you may think we are referring to the famous boyband BTS. However, as much as we stan the BTS, in this context, BTS simply means Behind-The-Scenes. We all love aesthetically pleasing and artfully curated photos and videos on social media. But you would be surprised to find out that your loyal followers would also enjoy a glimpse into the process of making those beautiful posts.

Humans love looking at perfect things, but it is the imperfections that warm our hearts. If you’ve shared a dance video, people would love to see the blooper takes where you’ve messed up the steps. Or if you’ve shared your hot cocoa recipe, the reel of the milk boiling over the saucepan will have your followers hitting the replay button over and over. BTS footage makes your content more relatable as your audience is able to resonate with your brand when they see you’re not afraid to show and own up to your mistakes and laugh at yourself.

The best way to share BTS moments is in the form of a reel. For your Halloween content, you can create a reel with little snippets of background moments on your business page and share moments of your employees preparing for the holidays.

Final Words

There you have it, our top tips for posting holiday content. Make sure your posts are creative, fun, and, most importantly, relatable. Posting holiday content is a great way to connect with your audience and helps you track their preferences and spending patterns around the holidays. With these guidelines, you will surely create some striking content this season and hopefully hit a follower milestone very soon. Happy posting!

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