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Being a blogger requires a lot more work than most folks realize. If you are running your blog as a business, then you need business tools and internet marketing tools to go along with it. Just because a blog features personal stories and the antics of our kids doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of behind the scenes work to go with it. We still have to “sell ourselves”, in a sense, to get visitors, right? That means marketing our blogs and businesses.

For instance, a travel blogger needs to have contacts in the travel industry and may need to send a pitch to them from time to time. If a travel blogger is looking for a safe place to stay on an upcoming trip, they may send a pitch to seek out lodging ideas or even discounts or deals. If someone is in the web design industry and is looking for new clients, they may send a pitch to their email list. Having the right tools to craft those pitches is necessary. I like to use templates that I can customize for each communication, but that already has my stats and basic info saved for use.

One site that offers me that is Proposable. It is an online proposal software that works asΒ an internet marketing tool for businesses, bloggers, internet marketers, direct sales specialists, etc. You can create your own templates to use for your proposals or you can choose from a good list of sample templates and edit them for your specific needs.

Proposable: Internet Marketing Tool

This site offers sample templates ranging from Social Media proposals to Cleaning to Wedding Planning or even Construction. It has a vast assortment to choose from and isn’t just for internet marketing or blogging in the sense we may know it.

For instance, I do social media management work for a couple of clients and have room for one more on my list. I chose the sample Social Media proposal template and edited it to fit the work I am offering.

This template offered 6 pages including a cover page with your info and that of your prospective client. You can edit the images and text on this and every other page.

The next page was where I introduced myself and my business. This photo shows the page before doing much editing. It has great graphics and text already added to it.

Proposable: Internet Marketing Tool

Then I had the opportunity to list all the details of my offer. There is a very good, basic message on the template that you can change a little or a lot, depending on what you are actually offering your clients.

I changed the text up a little but most of it covered everything I would have said anyway. It was pretty spot on.

Then you put your pricing structure. The prices were quite a bit higher than I would have charged for this particular client so I edited them to fit. For other clients I may have stuck with the initial pricing structure. I like that it can be changed from proposal to proposal.

Once you have it edited the way you like and have added or removed any text, images or video, send it. Your client will get an email with a link to view their particular proposal.

Once they have looked it over they can choose to accept or decline. If they accept they will be given the option to sign their digital signature and you’re all set!

Proposable: Internet Marketing Tool

Your dashboard will show you if your clients have looked at their proposals and who has accepted or declined.

Proposable: Internet Marketing Tool

I really like how easy the site is to use and how it offers many different sample templates as well as the ability to create my own from scratch. I can see myself using this site a lot and will definitely keep it in my blogging tools.

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  1. Great list! I would also recommend BRAND24 for social listening and analyses. It’s very helpful tool for bloggers and business. It gives instant access to all mentions on the Internet relevant to the keyword you set (name, blog’s address, company name, competitor, etc) and allows to track and engage online conversations. It’s great for growth hacking, reaching new audience, promote content, etc. Truly recommend to try. I’m sure you will love it and maybe even add to your tool list!


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