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I am always looking for health and beauty products for my own skin but I never really stopped to think about my husband’s skin care. I don’t think women in general see many men using beauty products. That’s not to say that they don’t, but like with Clay and me, we’re not in the same bathroom getting ready at the same time. So I don’t see him using any products, never buy them specifically for him, and never really gave men’s skin care much thought. But they exist and they are used by men around the world.

Clay has a mustache and goatee. I knew that he used shaving cream and beard balm but I never really thought about what he may be using on his skin. Come to find out, he uses nothing really. Body wash and occasionally, lotion.

He uses beard balm to keep his beard soft and not all wiry and scratchy but it doesn’t get down to the skin very well. So dandruff on his chin is a possibility. I found him something better than the balm and I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

Aside from taking care of his beard, his skin and knuckles take a beating with his day job. He is a sprinkler fitter packing heavy pipe up and down ladders, through attics, into underground ditches, etc. He mucks around in old sprinkler water, dirt, mud and grease as well as dust and who knows what all in top of buildings. His skin gets cracked and dry, especially his knuckles. He uses lotion from time to time when they are really cracked but that’s about it.

I have products that are natural and not heavily perfumed. I came to realize that they are perfect for Clay. And men in general! So we added them to Clay’s skin care routine.

Some of my, personal, favorite products for myself are from Zakia’s Morocco. I’ve told you about the Kessa glove and Black Moroccan Soap as well as their amazing Clay mask powder. Well they have those products in a men’s skin care line too! I didn’t know that but I’m glad I found them because we’ve added them to Clay’s skin care routine to help make sure his skin is in even better shape then it was before. I want the best for my honey.

Some of the things that we added to (and replaced with) his skin care routine are available in a kit. We partnered with Zakia’s Morocco to show you some of their great men’s skin care products that are in the Men’s Skin Care Hammam Home Spa Gift Bag.

Hammam Home Spa Gift Bag – Eucalyptus

Zakia's Morocco Skin Care For Men

They include:

  • 100% pure, organic Argan Oil – 2 oz
  • Atlas Mountain Lava Clay Mask Powder – 250 ml
  • Moroccan Black Soap with Eucalyptus – 250 ml
  • Classic Bay Rum Argan Soap Bar – 250 gr – we actually didn’t get this but I wish we had. I’ll have to see if I can find one on their site!
  • Traditional Kessa Exfoliating Glove
  • Toiletry bag – perfect for when we go to Tennessee!

We also have a few extras that aren’t in the kit. I’ll talk about those too because they are wonderful!

Ok, Argan Oil. This stuff is the bomb.

Zakia's Morocco Skin Care For Men

It soaks into several layers of skin, leaving the slightest bit on top. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and silky and after repeated use, dryness begins to disappear. It doesn’t have the slightest bit of smell from what I can tell. It’s odorless. Rub it all over your skin and even in your hair. It will give you silky, shiny hair. BUT a little goes a loooong way. It is an oil so it really doesn’t take much. So be sparing. Your skin, hair and nails will thank you.

When Clay doesn’t have Beard Oil or doesn’t want the fragrance of beard balm in his beard he uses the Argan Oil. It works to make his beard so soft. It also works on those cracked, dry knuckles to really moisturize and soften the skin.

Beard Oil

Zakia's Morocco Skin Care For Men

This isn’t in the men’s skin care kit but Clay received an adorable little bottle of the Atlas Mountain Beard Oil. It is Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil. 100% natural and not fragranced this beard oil moisturizes his beard and the skin beneath it. It really gets down in there to the skin so he doesn’t have any beard dandruff, flakiness or itching. And his beard is soft and not wiry and stiff. For him, it works MUCH better than a balm.

Perfect for hugs and kisses.

Atlas Mountain Lava Ghassoul Clay Mask Powder

Zakia's Morocco: Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask

Oh. Em. Gee.

My daughter and I use this. It is incredible. I didn’t think Clay would like a Ghassoul clay mask but he does. Not on his face though. it is for face and body so you can use it anywhere, even in your hair as a mask. We use it on his hands to help with those calluses I mentioned. It draws out impurities and tone and revitalize your skin. It puts minerals in your skin.

To use it you mix some of the powder with water to make a paste. Then you put on your face, neck, body, hands, etc and let it dry. Once it’s dry, rinse it off. As it dries it pulls out the impurities in your skin. Think black heads. YUCK! After the mask I put the Argan oil on Clay’s hands and they feel super soft.

Zakia’s Morocco Shea Butter

Zakia's Morocco Skin Care For Men

We also have Zakia’s Morocco Shea Butter. I adore Shea Butter but I hate the smell of plain Shea Butter. When I was pregnant with our first child the smells of cocoa butter and Shea butter made me nauseous and I’ve never been able to tolerate them since. Because Zakia’s products only use natural ingredients, I really wish this was one of theirs that has vanilla or orange blossom (they also have rose and lavender).  Then it would be perfect to me. Clay, on the other hand, likes it. So he uses it like you would a lotion bar.

He rubs it into the dry skin patches and it moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft. It works so well that when I want to use a little, I just rub it in really well and then lightly wash over top with a mild hand soap. It masks the natural smell of the Shea butter without washing it off. It rubs in so well that it stays put even with the very light wash.

Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap

Zakia's Morocco Skin Care For Men

Speaking of eucalyptus! I’ve used the Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap before but the men’s kit contained Black Soap with Eucalyptus. It smells so good. So fresh. So natural. Clay uses this in the shower when he is particularly grimy from work. If you just rub it on your skin you’re like, what? Where’s the lather But if you use a bath pouffe or soft loofah you will get the best lather. It is fluffy and silky at the same time. Weird but cool.

The scent of eucalyptus is amazing if you have a stuffy nose. Remember how bad our allergies are? Eucalyptus and a hot, steamy shower work wonders for that! The black soap is really cool in that it works as an emollient, exfoliator, moisturizer and cleanser all in one. It is almost wax looking, not bumpy like most products that exfoliate.

Instead, this detoxifies your skin. It sort of tingles as it’s working and pulling out all the impurities.

Kessa Glove

Zakia's Morocco Skin Care For Men

When you are done using it, rinse it off and use the Kessa glove to sloth off all the dead skin. You know how it looks when you are peeling from a sunburn? That’s what it looks like when you use this. By rubbing the Kessa glove up and down on your arms, legs, etc. (NOT in a circular motion), you’ll see the dead skin roll up and rinse off.

You can actually see what it looks like in this post where we show you how to remove self tanner with our Kessa glove!

It doesn’t hurt because it is dead skin that is ready to shed anyway. Your skin might be a little reddish because you are rubbing it but that’s it.

The texture of the Kessa glove is fine but not really coarse, if that make sense. It’s soft but rubbing back and forth with just a little pressure really gets that skin off! The Black Soap has worked to pull out the impurities and the Kessa Glove works to get it all off your skin.

So with the clay mask powder, black soap, shea butter, argan oil and beard oil, Clay’s skin is looking mighty fine. And so is mine because I use Zakia’s Morocco products too! Once I find the Classic Bay Rum Argan Soap Bar, I’ll come back and tell you about it. I love handmade soaps so I know it is going to be incredible!

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