5 Easy Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

If you’re like me, you love to do a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning. I love having my home fresh and clean as we head into the Holiday season. Aside from your basic cleaning of the counters, sinks and floors, there’s a little extra fall cleaning I like to do seasonally. Today, I’m going to share 5 fall cleaning tips for your kitchen!

Fall Cleaning Tips:

Take one week to do each of these fall cleaning tips. One per day will make it seem like a mush less daunting task!

1. De-Clutter Cabinets And Drawers

Fall cleaning is the perfect time to de-clutter any broken dishes or utensils, bowl with missing lids and food that is too far past its expiration or use by date. Keep in mind, many dates are just guidelines so toss if it has mold or bugs or anything like that.

Another thing I like to go through and de-clutter is my kitchen towel drawer. I had some old towels that had holes in them. Some, I could re-purpose as cleaning rags but others were just way too old and worn out. So they were tossed.

And, don’t forget about the infamous junk drawer! We all have at least one. Toss out any old ketchup packets. ๐Ÿคฃ Put loose screws into a jar in the garage or laundry room and put restaurant straws into a zip baggies or cute jar or container to use with drinks. Throw away old receipts and anything else deemed trash-worthy that’s just taking up space in that drawer!

2. Clean Out The Refrigerator And Freezer

messy freezer

If you’ve still got a bowl of leftover mashed potatoes in your refrigerator from Mother’s Day, you definitely need to do a deep clean of that fridge! Items tend to get pushed to the back, covered up in drawers and just generally lost in our refrigerator. I try to clean it out once a month, at least, but don’t always get it done. Fall cleaning is also the perfect time to get rid of old leftovers and freezer burnt items in the fridge and freezer.

It’s also the perfect time, if you haven’t done it recently, to change out the filter for your refrigerator water and ice dispenser. What’s that? You didn’t know you needed to do that? Yep. Luckily, our house came with a digital one that gives us a reminder when it’s time to change it out. Our old one didn’t do that so we just had to remember to do it.

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Refrigerator filters can be a bit pricey but don’t think you have to go with the name brand! Replacement filters can be purchased at a fraction of the cost at places like FiltersFast.com. In fact, we teamed up with them recently to try out one of their replacement refrigerator filters and couldn’t be happier!

You can search for your specific filter or use their handy walk-through to have an exact replacement recommended for you. That’s what I did. At the end of the guide, I was given the choice between the name brand or theirs. I chose theirs and it’s perfect! It came super quickly and fit perfectly.

It came with full instructions on how to install it and we didn’t have a bit of trouble! Our water and ice dispenser is working great and the water tastes delicious.

They have other filters too like air filters/furnace filters, pool and spa filters, humidifier filters and other products like appliance parts, vacuum bags, etc. It’s a great site to shop!

3. Clean Between Stove/Refrigerator And Cabinets

Food, dust and other items can collect between the crevices in your kitchen. This includes between the stove and cabinet, refrigerator and cabinet, behind appliances, etc. Pull your appliances (big and small) away from the wall and clean the spaces between. Sweep and mop beneath and dust the wall behind.

This will also help with the longevity of your appliances by keeping them clean and dust-free.

4. Clean Blinds And Wash Curtains

kitchen blinds

If you have blinds or curtains in your kitchen, take them down and give them a wash. My mom would always put her blinds in the bathtub with a little hot water and dish soap. Then she’d use a sponge and give them a good once over. After the dust is off, rinse them with clean water and hang over the shower curtain rod to dry. They’ll be good as new!

Most curtains can be washed in the washing machine, but double check your labels to make sure. I like to wash and dry mine then run an iron over them lightly to remove any wrinkles. It just gives them a crisp, clean look. You can also use this time to change your curtains out with any seasonal ones you may want to use. Change from white to fall colors. It will give your kitchen a warm, cozy feel!

5. Clean Those Baseboards And Cabinets

I’m not the best at remembering to clean my baseboards. I sweep and mop regularly but tend to forget to pull things away from the wall to clean that area. For instance, I have a small cabinet at the end of my counter. It isn’t flush with the wall so dust can collect behind it. In the spring and fall, I pull that cabinet out and clean the wall and baseboard behind it.

Wipe your cabinets down with your favorite natural cleaner. Grease can build up on them and allow dust to stick to them. By giving them a good clean, you’ll help keep grease from eating into them and give them a shiny new appearance. Don’t forget to dust on top of them too if your cabinets have space above them!

I have horrible seasonal allergies. Spring, Summer AND Fall all tend to keep me clogged up. In the Spring, it’s new flowers and pollen. In the summer, it’s yards being mowed. And in the fall, it’s dust, mold and mildew from rain. By doing a deep clean, I help keep my allergens at bay and my head a bit less stuffy.

The kitchen isn’t the only room I deep clean, but it and the bathrooms are where I start. Then I move on to our living room and bedrooms. September is the perfect time to start and , by taking one room per week, I can have it finished in time for fall decorating!

Fall cleaning can be quick and easy if you break it down into daily tasks. I hope you found these 5 fall cleaning tips handy and that your cleaning is an easier task this year!

What are some fall cleaning tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below with your ideas.


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