5 Simple Steps To Changing A Tire

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5 Simple Steps To Changing A Tire

Ok ladies. You’re running errands by yourself when you hear the unmistakable sound and hear the unnerving jerk of a tire gone flat. What do you do? Well, duh! You pull over to a safe spot and change that tire! I can do it. You can do it. Anyone who drives a car should know how to change their own flat tire. I do know dome gals (and guys) who do not.

Seriously, you need to know how to change your own tire in case of an emergency. You also need to REMEMBER TO KEEP A SPARE! I have a funny (or not-so-funny) story about why that is so important.

A couple years ago, my family and I were going on our fall trip to Gatlinburg. There were around 20 of us in about 5 different vehicles. Well, about halfway there one member of our party had a major blowout on the interstate. Clay, the kids and I were up ahead when we got the text from my brother-in-law that the tire had blown out and the family members he was riding with didn’t have their spare. WHAT? Where was their spare? They had taken it out while packing for the trip, so they could load a wheelchair, and forgot to put it back in the trunk!

We managed to circle back to them. My other brother-in-law had called roadside assistance and after what seemed like hours the guy showed up. The tow guy insisted that roadside assistance only paid to put the car on the truck and that we would have to pay a major difference up front before he would tow the car. Um… no. We weren’t paying a huge tow fee (that was supposed to be covered) when the cost of a new tire was only half the price. Luckily there was a Walmart really close by so we headed there and my BIL bought a new tire. We made it back to the group fairly quickly. There was a police officer there making sure everyone was ok and to help with traffic if needed.

They got the tire on and we were on our way. We actually still made it to our cabin rental right at check-in. So it all worked out ok. But the moral of the story is to never, ever head out without having a spare tire, and the necessary tools to change it with, in your car. Be prepared and know how to change it too!

Here’s a great infographic that shows us all 5 simple steps to changing a tire.

how to change a flat tire
Image via Every Car Listed.


Do you know how to change a flat tire and have you ever had to do it?

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