5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Cooler Weather

Somehow, the summer months have slipped away before my eyes and August is almost here. While August and some of September are still pretty hot months here, to me, it is also the very beginning of the fall season, which I love. Before the cool weather gets here, I always have to tackle a relatively large to-do list and if you are a homeowner too, then you should be preparing your home for cooler weather, as well. Here are 5 ways to prepare your home for cooler weather:

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Cooler Weather

Get your fireplace inspected

Are you planning to use your fireplace this upcoming season? If so, you should probably get it inspected to be safe. While you are at it, get your dryer vent cleaned out too. A lot of the time, the same company will tackle both jobs in one visit. Fire safety is no joke and this is a great way to do some preventative care in your home.

Take a good look at your trees

Now, I know we are a ways away from winter, but once the cooler weather hits us, it progresses rapidly and I like to have all of my to-do’s done ahead of time. With that being said, it’s probably a good time to go ahead and look at your trees and tree limbs, before any winter storms arrive. Call in a tree specialist to make sure that all of your trees are healthy and do not need a trim, to be safe.

Figure out if your roof is in good shape

If you are a pretty handy person, you could try inspecting your roof yourself. A few things that you would want to do is check for damaged shingles, damage to metal flashing, especially around vents and chimneys, and check your gutters for large accumulations of granules, a sign that your roof is losing its coasting. If you notice this, expect problems soon. Finally, make sure your gutters are clean and flowing freely. All of this is great if you 1) know what you are looking for and 2) are handy. However, if you want to save yourself time, effort, and a potential injury from getting on your roof yourself, consider looking into the free, no-obligation roof estimate and inspection from Greater American Roofing. They are residential and commercial roofers in Louisville KY who go above and beyond to treat their customers like family and to make sure the job is done right, at a higher level than other roofing companies. 

“Greater American Roofing & Restoration Provides one of a kind, platinum quality service by assisting our customers every step of the way. From a free inspection, to design consultation, to onsite executive team oversight while installing the luxury roofing system, we act as consultants for our clients.  We focus on the highest quality for the most efficient cost, while still providing an excellent solution to their roofing needs.” With amazing reviews, over a decade of experience, fully insured teams, emergency services, and extensive roof knowledge, Greater American Roofing will take care of your roofing needs to help prepare your home for cooler weather.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Cooler Weather

Weatherproof with added caulk, when needed

Applying caulk or weatherstripping to drafty windows and doors can keep the cold out and the heat in, maximizing indoor comfort and saving you a lot in energy costs. Sealing up gaps can also prevent melted ice or snow from rotting exterior features. So, take a day before the temperatures dip to caulk joints between walls and window frames and door frames, and place weatherstripping around windows, too.

If you have a roofed deck or one that sits under a balcony or a top-level deck, consider installing some under-deck ceiling panels with a drainage system. It will catch water and channel it to a gutter of your choice. This will keep your deck clean, dry, and warm during rainy or snowy weather and minimize moisture damage and molding. It will also help you save on unnecessary repair costs and from cleaning up after a downpour.  In addition, regular professional Deck Cleaning will ensure that your deck looks at its best and lasts for as long as possible with minimal additional maintenance costs. 

Rotate area rugs and cushions

Bright summer sunlight fades fabrics. Lots of use wears out rugs and cushions, too. To help them fade and wear evenly, rotate your area rugs at the end of summer. Do the same with sofa and chair cushions, also. Don’t forget to add cozy throw blankets and pillows to help get your home ready for fall’s chilly nights, too. This is the perfect way to keep everything in great shape, while also making your home cozy for the upcoming season!

Clean and reverse fans

Ceiling fans get super dusty over the summer (or year-round if you’re like me!). To clean them, use an extension pole and a ceiling fan brush if they are high up on the ceiling. Then, push the switch on the side of the motor housing to reverse their direction. When the blades rotate clockwise, they pull warm air down from the ceiling into your room where you need it.

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