6 Tips To Make a Happy Birthday Video They Won’t Forget

Has your family moved abroad? Or is it your best friend’s birthday and you’re on vacation? No worries! Just deliver your wishes through a happy birthday video – find a couple of old photos, add a little bit of creativity, and voila. But there are common mistakes people repeat when they make a birthday video presentation, so we decided to share some useful tips to help you surprise your birthday girl or boy with a truly memorable video. Now let’s get down to it!

6 Tips to Make a Happy Birthday Video
  1. Decide on the Concept of the Video 

The first thing you should do is consider the whole idea and structure of the video. It will give you a clear picture of what kind of video you want to create – you’ll be able to plan it, think about the parts it will consist of, and choose the files you need for the presentation. For example, it might contain old memories you shared with each other – then you could use some touching and funny photos of the meaningful moments of your friendship or relationship. It’s also a good idea to ask friends, family, or even colleagues to record a short clip with their wishes and add it to your video as well. You could also interview them, asking questions about how they met the birthday man or woman, what memories they have, and so on. After all, you can edit that video using an online video editor.

  1. Consider the Length of the Presentation

You don’t need to know the exact duration, but you should decide whether the video is going to last seconds, minutes, or even hours. It depends on the concept of the video, but we recommend you keep it short – 3-5 minutes will probably be enough. After all, the average attention span in 2022 is only 8.25 seconds.  

  1. Add Captions with Birthday Wishes

Whether you decide to create a movie-style greeting video or simply gather favorite photos, you’ll need to include some captions. For example, you could put some quotes or song lyrics, or even add your birthday wishes as a text. Besides, you can write a few comments to create a narrative in the video.

  1. Accompany the Video with Catchy Background Music 

The soundtrack is one of the key elements of a perfect video – it has to match the concept, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the taste of the person you’re going to congratulate. Alternatively, you can go for common birthday songs if you struggle with the tune choice, e.g., “Happy Birthday to You,” “Birthday” by The Beatles, or “22” by Taylor Swift. But whatever you pick, make sure the beats match the transitions to create a cinematic effect. Most programs synchronize music automatically, but you can easily do it on your own.  

  1. Breathe Life into Static Photos with Effects and Animation

And here comes the most exciting part – it’s time to spice up your congratulations clip. To make a birthday video eye-catching, stylize the presentation with effects like grainy vintage, make it black-and-white, add floating hearts, and whatever corresponds to the mood of the video. Don’t forget to apply funky transitions as well – this way, the result will look lively and much more fun. You can also add slow motion when the music slows down, or on the opposite – speed it up if it gets faster.

6 Tips to Make a Happy Birthday Video
  1. Choose a Platform for Showing the Video

Finally, prepare the happy birthday video for sharing in the birthday video presentation maker you’re using. For example, you’ll need a specific aspect ratio for Instagram stories or a post on Facebook. If you haven’t decided on the website yet, just make the video vertical for smartphones and horizontal for viewing it on a computer. Besides, the social platform defines how long your video should last – is it going to be a short story or an hour-long YouTube video?

Now you know how to create a birthday video to congratulate the one you care about from a distance. To become a true greeting guru, follow the link and find out more about how to make a birthday video presentation. But don’t leave it for tomorrow – it’s time to unlock your creativity, check out your photo archives, add a bit of humor, and make the special person smile!

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