7 Tips To Avoid Driving In Blind Spots In The Us

Nobody steps out of their home with the idea of getting into an accident. In most cases, the mishap occurs in a split second, barely giving a chance to avoid it. Driving in blind spots can be dangerous and can cause casualties without notice. Almost every vehicle is subject to blind spots.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an agency of the federal government of the United States, more than 8,00,000 accidents happen due to blind spot crashes each year, causing around 300 casualties. The loss due to accidents caused by blind spots can be handled by professional lawyers who deal with automobile accidents. These experts support the sufferer throughout the legal proceedings, and if the need arises, they even negotiate with insurance providers to secure more support for their clients.

What Does Driving in Blind Spot Mean?

Safety is of great importance while driving a vehicle. One must be aware of other cars on the road for complete security. Always keep lanes open if you are determining whether there is sufficient space. The concern occurs when the vehicle is neither visible in the mirror nor in the rearview mirror, and the driver may not be able to know that there is a car nearby.

It is barely possible to notice another car entering the blind spot from the actual driving position due to vehicles changing lanes under the impression that the next road is unoccupied. During such situations, blind spots may cause accidents since a crash is hard to prevent when another car is too close.

Tips to Avoid Driving in Blind Spots in the US

Following are the tips to consider while driving in the US to lessen the likelihood of an accident.:

Correct Mirror Adjustment

Ensure the mirrors are positioned correctly before jumping into the driver’s seat. Few modern-day cars have mirror memory that lets you place the mirrors precisely and retain their original location in the vehicle’s memory.

Mirrors Must be in Appropriate Condition

Cleaning the rearview and other mirrors of the car is essential before you start it, and you should ensure there are no cracks on them. When driving, it can be hazardous not to inspect the mirror properly because doing so would reduce our visibility. The mirror must be in excellent shape to give us a clear and accurate view of the road.

Be Aware of Other Automobiles

Every vehicle has blind spots; you must be aware of them while driving. Furthermore, it is seldom a good idea to position your car in a larger vehicle’s blind zone. It will enable you to prevent a collision with the opposing vehicle.

Turn Around to Check in Different Directions

An automobile should be visible from the side windows if not from mirrors. This will need you to turn and look over your shoulder, for it is the most common blind spot.

Driver’s Seat Adjustment

You can obtain a side view of everything happening around you if your seat is adjusted correctly.

Move Quickly

Stay out of other driver’s blind spots, and while approaching nearby automobiles, move on quickly.

Turn Signal

Make use of the turn signal while changing lanes to avoid a collision.


Recently, the number of vehicles on the roads has drastically increased, translating to more newly licensed drivers learning the traffic laws. These tips will guide you to navigate the traffic maze and prevent disasters due to reckless driving and not paying attention to blind spots. Be sure that every automobile has blind spots regardless of the best efforts of modern technology to avoid road fatalities.

We are not lawyers and this is in no way intended to be used as legal advice . We cannot be held responsible for your results. Always do your own research and seek professional legal help.

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