Tips For A New England Family Road Trip In The Fall

Every year 8.2 million tourists visit New England in the fall to see the beautiful foliage that dominates the landscape. New England, which includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, is the perfect place to take an extended family road trip, learning about the history, culture and landmarks along the way. The best time to visit is in September and October, when the colorful display of leaves is simply glorious. You can explore the national parks together, travel along the miles of coastline, and enjoy some valuable family time, making memories together. 

Take plenty of time 

If you have very young children, plan your road trip schedule carefully with plenty of breaks – don’t try to cram in too much driving at once. You are best covering a smaller area and seeing more of the landscape and the scenery, rather than being rushed. Before you start your journey, it is worth getting advice from an auto accident attorney about the type of insurance cover you will need, especially if you plan to be on the road for more than a week or two. This will cover you if there is an incident and you need compensation for the loss of future income. On your road trip, make sure that you leave some time in your schedule to visit some of the small towns – these are the true lifeblood of New England, and there is so much to discover. You can visit local diners and restaurants on your way and get a feeling for the way of life. 

Move away from the crowds

According to research compiled by Trivago, the most common destination searches in the fall are Portland in Maine, Rhode Island and Boston. If you do want to visit these places, the best time to do so is midweek, when there are less crowds. At weekends, take a route off the beaten track and visit some of the lesser-known destinations – you won’t be disappointed. If you want to enjoy some nature, instead of going to the Big Falls State Park, try the lesser-known Seyon Lodge State Park. Rather than visiting Boston, go to Conway, only a couple of hours down the road – the area is steeped in history, and the foliage is just as impressive. 

Capture your memories

The New England foliage creates beautiful photo opportunities, so make sure that you take your cameras and cellphones to take pictures of your trip. You can even give a basic camera to the younger members of your family so that they can take photos from a different perspective. There are plenty of other ways you can capture the memories of your road trip too – draw some pictures together, or keep a family diary about your travels. You will love reading back about your adventures in the years to come. 
New England is the perfect place for an extended family road trip. You can see the foliage, soak up the local culture, and have a wonderful time with your children. 

Once you’re in for the night, settle down with the family and play some board gamed or do some jigsaw puzzles. I love to find ones that represent the area we’re staying in! It adds to the fun of the road trip.

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