Making The Most Of Your Plano Vacation

The city of Plano has transformed over the years. With its growing business district, historical sites and amazing restaurants, this small local has become a must-see destination for travelers. Whether you are going for a week or a day, there is plenty to do when visiting this great city.

Plano Texas

Visit Some Sites

Plano became famous as the home of the Southfork Ranch, the filming site of the hit show Dallas. Today, there is something for everyone here. Whether you want to entertain the kids at the Crayola Experience or soak up the culture in the arts district, there is no shortage of things to do. If you want a one-stop shopping destination, head over to Legacy West. This “city within a city” has everything you need for a day of shopping, exploring and dining.

Eat Delicious Food

Texas has an incredible food scene, and Plano offers some great options. If you want to try a crab restaurant Plano or enjoy some Texas BBQ, there are lots of choices. Before you arrive, take the time to note a few cuisines you want to try to help avoid being overwhelmed with the multitude of options. No matter your reason to visit, you can find a dish you will think about for years to come.

Enjoy the Nightlife

After a day of shopping, eating and exploring, you may be tempted to retire back to your room, but you would be missing out on the great nightlife there. If you are looking for live music, tasty cocktails or a place to dance the night away, there is a spot for you. Before you head home for the night, be sure to find a rooftop bar to enjoy the city lights as the perfect end to your evening.

No matter how long you are visiting, Plano is ready to entertain. Have a wonderful time!

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