Why Joining A Care Home Isn’t The End Of Your Independence

There are many reasons why you may be hesitant to move into a care home, and one of the most prevalent tends to be the fact that there are many people who view such a move as being a sacrifice of independence. It’s clear to see where this mindset might come from. After all, the whole point of moving into a care home is so you can receive some level of care for things that you may be beginning to struggle to do yourself, but the fact of the matter is that though you may get a little bit of help every now and then by the time you move, you are in no means giving up your entire independence. This article will break down why.

Your Care Home Will Assess Your Needs

There is no blanket approach to care. Everybody is an individual, and as such, everyone will need different levels of care when it comes to living in a care home. Yes, some people will require assistance with a great deal, but this isn’t always the case. For instance, at places like Signature Care Homes, they pride themselves on the excellent standard of care that they are able to offer people with dementia. In the late stages of dementia, a great deal of care is required, and therefore this will be offered to residents. Meanwhile, at the same care home, some people are there because they require additional assistance with some everyday tasks but can still do a great deal on their own. Like other care homes, Signature caters to both types of residents and all things in between, meaning you will be able to keep as much independence as you like.

You Will Be Actively Given Activities to Do

Not only in care homes is maintaining independence welcome but it is actively encouraged. People in care homes are given the opportunity to get plenty done on their own as a whole range of different activities will be given out. These will vary from care home to care home but generally speaking, residents will usually be asked to run small errands, make a small drink or snack, and even participate in different excursions away from the care home.

Not only this, but care homes also tend to have a lot of entertainment. For instance, they will sometimes have a musical act performed, and you will be encouraged to sing along and even request songs yourself. On top of this, some homes will offer up chances for you to act, play games and do lots of other things. All of these are going to help you maintain your independence even when a lot of everyday tasks are becoming more difficult to do.


You tend to find that a lot of people are sometimes hesitant to go to a care home because they feel like in doing so, they are sacrificing their independence. This is not the case. The fact of the matter is that in going to a care home, you will be able to look after yourself as much as you want and be able to participate in a range of other activities.

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