Better alternatives to Easter basket goodies with Colgate #EasterSmiles

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday? Tomorrow is Easter Sunday!!! With Spring Break this past week and us going on vacation, it totally sneaked (snuck?) up on me. I seriously thought Easter was at the end of the month this year. So, to say I was unprepared is an understatement! We have 4 kids. 4 Easter baskets to purchase for and create the NIGHT BEFORE Easter! Unless the shelves were sold out, I know it wasn’t going to be a problem though, because I had in mind everything I wanted to get. A chocolate Easter bunny, some jelly beans, a plush stuffed animal, bubbles and new tooth brushes. Yes, you read that right! New tooth brushes for Easter. I don’t mind giving my kids a little candy, but I’m going to make absolutely sure those pearly whites are healthy and taken care of. And you know what? The kids LOVE it! They get new, character themed tooth brushes and their own little tube of toothpaste which makes brushing so much more personal and fun. So, the hubby and I headed to Walmart with high hopes that the shelves weren’t bare. Here’s how we fared.


We headed to our newly remodeled Walmart at night. New paint, new carpet, new coolers in the grocery section. Isn’t it pretty?


I had heard there was a Colgate/Nickelodeon Easter Pallet but our Walmart didn’t have one. I did find some darling Nickelodeon toothbrushes, though, featuring Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants. My kids love both of these characters. I’ve already purchased new toothbrushes for my older children but I really wanted to get our 2 year old a Dora toothbrush. And they have one with Dora as a princess so that is absolutely perfect!


I also wanted to get them all a travel size of toothpaste each so I headed to that section of the store and got them each there own Colgate. That is the only brand of toothpaste that doesn’t irritate my gums. I LOVE it! They had 3 different types but I just got the original for the kids. One other reason I like to give them their own is that they tend to rub their toothbrush across the tube when they are putting the toothpaste on and if they are sick, I don’t have to worry about them spreading germs that way. I just get grossed out easily over sharing toothpaste. I’m weird that way. hehehe


I also found these great Nickelodeon Dora/Spongebob pre-filled plastic eggs. I feel like I had a little bit of a theme going and just had to have them!


I don’t use Easter grass or shred because it makes such a mess. I just use colored tissue paper in the bottom. Of course, I was in such a hurry that I forgot it this time and had to use white that I had on hand. But it worked ok. I had grand plans of making them chocolate Easter Egg Shell baskets made from a balloon and dipping chocolate but, as I said, Easter decided to sneak up on me. I AM going to show you guys hows to make them  in a few weeks though. You can use them for anything or save the idea until next year!

This years baskets ended up having a plush Easter bunny, chocolate bunny, eggs filled with candy, a bubble wand and the awesome Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste!

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