College Students – Renting Textbooks Can Save $$$

68159ouiunm4pq7.jpgStarting college is hectic and expensive enough without the worry and hassle of purchasing text books. When I was in highschool, I took a correspondence course for Algebra and the textbook was over $50. I was promised that I could sell it at the local campus bookstore when I was finished and receive most, if not all of the purchase price. I received $10. That’s it!

Had I known at the time that I could have rented a book instead, it would have saved me a ton of money. I only needed the book for about a month so that $50 was a lot for me. But just imagine if it had been enough book for several college courses. It would have cost a small fortune for a kid with a low paying job and very little money. Most parents don’t have the money to pay for an entire college education. Especially, if like us, you have more than one child! And what if my husband and I want to take some courses? That would be enough books for 6 people. Granted, our children are still a bit away from college, it will be here before you know it!

So, suppose I want to take some business courses just to refresh myself or even earn a degree. I could go to a site like Campusbookrentals and search for the textbook I was interested. For this post, let’s say I’m looking for a textbook on Business Ethics and I’ll only need it for one semester. I could either purchase the book for around $50 OR I could rent it for a complete semester consisting of 130 days for about $17 plus free shipping both ways.  Now, I may stink at math but that sounds like a pretty good savings to me.

And sites like Campusbookrentals do allow you to highlight in your books as needed. They offer new and gently used books. You want to keep in mind that some of these are used books so you don’t want to go overboard but you can if you need to. And the book you receive might even have some key points already highlighted for you which might not be a bad thing!  You can also purchase the books for the difference if you decide you want to keep it.  My husband and I will definitely look into renting the textbooks when it comes time for our children to go to college.

Do/did you rent your or your childs college text books? Would or will you?

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