Complete Guide to Speed Reading

In today’s information age, being a fast reader is vital. Speed reading is an essential skill for anyone who wants to stay at the top of their game and be assured of career success.

Speed Reading Courses or Software

Whether you decide to sign up for a course in speed reading or buy speed reading software will depend on what personally works best for you. There are advantages to taking a course, especially if you lack self-discipline. Having to show up at a regular time in a classroom (whether in person or on line) with other students can be a great incentive for those who have a hard time learning on their own.

There are also good reasons for deciding in favor of buying software over taking a course. If you have a job, then it’s not always possible to get away for three or four hours each week to attend a class. In that case, speed reading software can be a better option because it is always available when you have time for it. A major consideration is whether you have the self-discipline to work through a software course on your own. College students are usually the most highly motivated to work through a software program on their own. They realize the need to gain speed reading skills in order to finish their graduate studies or a long term research project. For more information on whether to take a course or buy speed reading software like 7 Speed Reading.

Characteristics of Speed Reading Software

Good speed reading software will have several distinct features. For one thing, it will include tests to measure your reading speed as well as your comprehension. Usually you will be required to take a test at the start so that your speed and comprehension rate can be determined. Once that is established, the software will set the reading speed for the exercises that follow.

If you think you may not be ready for a particular speed, a manual speed option is a good feature to look for in the software.

A good software program should be easy to install and use. The lessons should follow each other consecutively and learners should be able to monitor their progress often. The exercises should have a good explanation so that students understand why they are doing them.

Some software programs include a font and text change option which is helpful for students with poor eyesight. Larger text is also easier to focus on and makes for rapid reading.

Good customer support and technical assistance is also an important consideration for speed reading software.

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