5 Questions To Ask If You Want To Learn To Speed Read

Today, more people than ever before want to learn to speed read. This is probably because information volume doubles every nine months – rendering whatever reading skills you may have learned in elementary school so many years ago inadequate. However, since speed reading is a fairly new concept to most people, many people do not know where to begin in their quest to learn speed reading. Below are five of the most frequently asked questions on speed reading and their answers.

5 Questions To Ask If You Want To Learn To Speed Read

Question #1: What Is Speed Reading?

Speed reading is a technique that enables you to quickly absorb written information while at the same time retaining comprehension of the material. Although the rate at which people read material varies from one individual to the next, the average reading speed ranges between 200 and 250 words per minute. By using speed reading software, you can easily double or triple your current reading speed.

Question #2: Does Speed Reading Reduce Comprehension?

Speed reading aims to improve both speed and comprehension. In fact, speed reading programs measure your comprehension through a variety of comprehension tests. This way, you are able to ensure your comprehension rate stays above 50%. Note that comprehension rate has little to do with reading speed; even slow readers experience comprehension problems.

Question #3: How Does Online Speed Reading Programs Work?

Online speed reading programs teach you a variety of techniques, including chunking and skimming, which enable you to read faster. These programs also work on eliminating poor reading habits such as regression and subvocalization through reading and comprehension exercises and tests.

Question #4: How Can I Learn To Speed Read?

There are several offline and online ways to learn speed reading including videos, books, computer programs, and offline classes. Unfortunately, although videos and books may contain all the information you need to learn the skill, they do not provide a means for you to measure your progress. Software on the other hand is much more interactive and comes with lots of ways for you to track your progress. Also, unlike offline classes, software provides a means for you to keep practicing your skills even after you have learned the techniques as well as the theory of how to speed read.

Question #5: How Long Does It Take To Learn Speed Reading?

Reading, just like any other skill, should be practiced. Thus, the rate at which you’re going to learn how to read faster will depend on your willingness to practice your newly acquired skills. With interactive software like 7 Speed Reading you only need 7 minutes of reading practice every day and within 3 to 4 weeks your reading speed will have improved significantly. Nonetheless, if you want to learn how to speed read faster than that, you will need to practice more each day.

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