4 Roadblocks To Speed Reading You Must Avoid

Fast reading is not only about taking an online speed reading course and learning a number of techniques, but also about avoiding bad reading habits that limit your reading speed. Below are the top 4 roadblocks to faster reading speed, and how to avoid them.

4 Roadblocks To Speed Reading You Must Avoid

Poor Eye Health

Eye health is one of the factors that determine your reading speed. You cannot expect to read quickly if you are constantly battling eye fatigue or computer glare. The sooner you train your eyes to move faster, the sooner your reading speed will improve. You can easily train your eyes to move and read faster through the use of software such as 7 Speed Reading, which incorporates eye exercises that help you to avoid eye strain and maintain eye health.


Subvocalization refers to the practice of sounding out words in your head as you read them. Many of the readers who are guilty of subvocalization can feel their larynx muscles moving even when they are reading silently. Such readers believe that sounding out words as they read them will improve their comprehension. Although some people experience improved comprehension when they read out loud, reading aloud can reduce your reading speed to as little as 150 words per minute. This is because when it comes to reading out loud, the average person can only read between 150 and 200 words per minute. To become a speed reader, you must eliminate subvocalization from your reading without reducing comprehension.


Do you sometimes find yourself going back over what you have just read? This habit is known as regression. Readers regress because they believe regression improves comprehension. However, in order to be a successful speed reader, you must find a way to improve comprehension so that you do not have to keep going back over text that you have just read. You’ll be happy to know that computer programs such as 7 Speed Reading are specifically designed to discourage regression and improve comprehension.


The environment in which you are reading plays a big role in your reading speed. Even the slightest of distractions, such as a shiny object on your desk, can reduce your reading speed. An ideal reading environment is comfortable, well-lit and free from distractions. If for one reason of another you happen to get distracted while you are reading, take a 5 minute break. Otherwise, if you attempt to read while you are distracted, you might miss the important points in the text.

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    to also make it a point to develop your vocabulary. Speed-reading techniques also teach individuals how
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