Simple Steps to Reading Faster

Speed reading isn’t difficult: Anyone can how to read faster as long as he or she has the right tools and techniques. Although it may take quite a bit of practice for your reading speed to increase to over 1000 words per minute, you can easily double your reading speed by following a few simple steps.

Simple Steps to Reading Faster

Create a Mental Map of the Reading Material

Get into the habit of sizing up reading material before you begin reading it. This allows you to create a mental map or model of what you are just about to read. The model in turn enables you to read faster. The easiest way to build a mental model of any reading material is through the use of a speed reading technique known as “skimming.” Skimming involves doing a preliminary scan through the whole book or article from end to end and taking note of chapter names, headings, and key concepts. This way when you come to the actual reading, you’ll know what sections to pay attention to and what sections to skip.

Practice Question-Driven Reading

Question-driven reading is a reading technique where the reader identifies certain questions that they would like to have answered by the reading material. Information is only useful when it answers your questions, helps you to solve problems, or helps you to perform a task: otherwise, you shouldn’t be reading it. The questions not only make whatever you are reading more relevant but also help you to know when you are done reading — which is when all your questions have been answered.

You can easily learn how to come up with relevant questions for any reading material through the use of speed reading software, especially 7 Speed Reading. This is because the software comes with a comprehension test for each and every piece of reading material available on the software. After a couple of reading and comprehension tests, you will find it much easier to come up with relevant questions to drive your reading.

Practice Reading Faster

In order to learn how to speed read you must practice reading faster every day. However, this is not to say that learning how to read faster has to be overly time-consuming. In fact modern speed reading software allows you to learn in only minutes every day and within three to four weeks you will be reading three to ten times faster.

As mentioned earlier, the above is only a basic framework to speed reading. However, these simple steps can be applied to any reading material from books to email.

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