The Ultimate Speed Reader’s Guide

The two main factors that determine whether or not you are going to succeed at speed reading are your knowledge of speed reading techniques and your reading environment. Below are some tips and tricks to help you become the ultimate speed reader.

The Ultimate Speed Reader's Guideee

  1. Time yourself every once in a while when you are reading so as to ensure you are continuing to improve your speed reading skills. Alternatively, use speed reader software to track your progress.

  2. Set goals and push yourself to achieve them. Every time you achieve one goal, set another new one.

  3. Come up with a daily reading schedule so that you can avoid procrastinating.

  4. Practice reading every day, preferably using 7 Speed Reading software.

  5. Read words in chunks of three instead of reading one word at a time.

  6. Keep your eyes at the middle of the page and use peripheral vision to read text on the left and right sides.

  7. Look for important points and ignore those that aren’t important.

  8. Eliminate subvocalization from your reading by not reading aloud and also not sounding the words in your head as you read.

  9. Read only the keywords and avoid articles and conjunctions such as a, the, and, and but
  10. Skim any piece of text first before you begin reading it. Be sure to look at the headings and subheadings.

  11. Avoid regressing (rereading anything that you have already read).

  12. Use a pointer so as to avoid backtracking.

  13. Get your vision checked by an optometrist. If he or she prescribes glasses or contact lenses, always wear them when you are reading.

  14. Find a quiet, distraction-free reading environment away from other people.

  15. Take breaks every now and then to avoid eye fatigue.

  16. Strike a balance between speed and comprehension. Do not sacrifice speed for comprehension or comprehension for speed.

  17. Vary your reading speed depending on the complexity of the reading material.

  18. Create visual imagery of the reading material as you go along. This will make it easier for you to recall the information.

  19. Use headings and subheadings to formulate questions and then scan the reading material to find answers to those questions.

  20. Read in a Z pattern. Read the first line of a paragraph, sweep your eyes across the second line and then read the third line normally.

Becoming the ultimate speed reader requires commitment and practice. By knowing the above tips and tricks, you are already halfway there. Just make sure that you practice speed reading every day and you’ll be fine.

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