How to Go Above and Beyond By Speed Reading

Would you like to be able to read 2,000 words per minute speed reading?

While many speed readers are able to double or triple their reading speeds without much trouble, many people get stuck at around 600 words per minute. Nonetheless, considering that the current reading champion is able to read 4700 words per minute with 67% comprehension, there is clearly a lot of room for regular readers and basic speed readers to improve.

How to Go Above and Beyond By Speed Reading

If you are one of those speed readers who are stuck at a certain reading speed, do not despair. Programs such as 7 Speed Reading are designed specifically for such situations. They provide you with numerous practice tests and teach you advanced reading skills which enable you to reach those hard-to-believe reading speeds. Below are a few advanced reading techniques that you can learn from this software:

Visual Reading

One factor that separates speed readers from regular readers is that the former have the ability to take full advantage of their visual cognitive functions. Instead of reading as if they are speaking and pausing at commas, periods and other punctuation marks, they convert the words into images within their heads. Advanced visual reading sometimes feels like watching a movie.

Visual Span Enlargement

While basic speed readers are able to take in 3 words at a time, advanced speed readers can simply pick a central fixation point at the middle of each line and then read the words to the left and right of this point without making eye movements. In fact, instead of moving their eyes from left to right, speed readers move their eyes from the top of the page to the bottom. In some extraordinary cases, readers have been known to take in chunks of more than one line at once.

Photo Reading

After learning how to increase reading speed, many readers often proceed to photoreading, a technique that enables them to absorb 25,000 words a minute. Since such a reading speed cannot be achieved consciously, photo reading relies on peripheral vision and the subconscious mind. The photo reading stage where information is absorbed into the mind is known as the downloading stage and is quite different from all other reading techniques that you have encountered before.

While not everyone can achieve a reading speed of 4,000 words per minute, anyone can enjoy the benefits of speed reading. You just have to be committed enough to practice your reading skills every day.

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