Top Techniques to Learn How to Read Faster

If you have a number of tasks to do and most of them involve reading, then perhaps learning how to read faster will get work done. The reading time you have to do for work will get cut in half which will be of great help in time management. Below are some effective speed reading techniques that can help you learn how to read faster.

  • Get oriented.

People who learn how to read faster usually already have something they need to read. Why is this an important point? It’s important that you know which reading material needs focus and which you can read through faster. Take for instance the difference between reading through a technical paper filled with math equations. Naturally, you can’t rush through it since you need to process the math equations thoroughly and make sure you understand them. On the other hand, reading materials such as books or newspapers are generally ones that you can apply speed reading techniques to.

  • Have your eyes checked.

You might be taking too long to read because of eye problems that you are not aware of. It won’t hurt to go to your optometrist and have your eyes checked for any defects. Your eye doctor will know how to solve your eye problems best.

  • Know how fast you read.

Knowing how fast you read will help you see progress when applying speed reading techniques. To know how fast you read, you need to time your natural reading speed. You’ll no doubt notice a significant change in your reading speed when you know how fast you read, especially when you use tools speed reading tests. Time your reading speed regularly so you can keep track of results.

  • Read with your eyes, not your mouth.

Some people have the habit of reading things out loud to themselves. They read full passages of text while whispering the words under their breath, or moving their lips silently. If you’re one of them, and you’re hoping to learn how to read faster, this is one of the habits that you have to stop. Vocalizing words slows you down and sometimes even make you repeat certain passages that you already read.

  • Use your hands.

Your eyes have an easier time looking for the next word when they have something to follow. This is especially helpful when you are reading a large amount of text that has few visual breaks in it. Use your fingers to trace where you are reading. In time, try moving your fingers down the lines faster and see if you can still comprehend the text at faster speeds.

  • Practice makes perfect.

All improvements take time to materialize. Don’t get frustrated when you don’t read at the pace you like right away. Simply read as fast as you can while still comprehending, and push yourself to read faster. While practicing, you can use software that can give you more tips on how to read faster, such as 7 Speed Reading.

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