The Good and Bad of Reading Faster

We’re often under pressure to accomplish huge amounts of work at the office in a short time, and often the only way to do that is to read faster. This is where speed reading techniques come in handy. Knowing how to read faster definitely helps anyone cut their work time in half. But is speed reading really suitable for everything and everyone?

The benefits of reading faster are obvious. You get your work done more quickly, which saves you a lot of time (especially if the work requires that you read through large documents first). You also then know what the reading material is about. This is very important especially when you need it for participation in a meeting or in class discussions. You know what the focus is on during your next class or meeting.

One big down side of speed reading is the sacrifice of fully comprehending every detail in the reading material in exchange for processing certain information faster. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, but you may notice that when you’re reading a novel while using speed reading techniques, you miss some plot points that would have otherwise been apparent to you if you read it a little slower. Another down side isn’t so much speed reading but how people use speed reading techniques. People may try to use speed reading techniques to skip a lot of reading because they don’t like reading in the first place, but their understanding and comprehension will suffer.

People who learn how to read faster are usually people who like reading, but have somehow ended up with a lot of reading to do. If you don’t like reading at all, or if you have trouble reading in the first place, you need to get into the proper mindset for reading. You must first learn how to read and process information in written words before you can employ speed reading techniques to help you with time management.

Getting across this hurdle may, however, present you with another one. When you read faster, some comprehension may be sacrificed for the sake of speed. The point of reading anything is lost if you don’t understand what you’re reading. The good news is that you can increase reading speed and comprehension at the same time. This will no doubt save you a lot of time in reading and allow you more time to work on other things that you need to get done. There are a wide variety of speed reading techniques and tips available for people who want to learn how to read faster. One of the best speed reading tutors that will help you read faster is 7 Speed Reading.

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