Speed Reading Through Mind Maps

Speed reading refers to the remarkable capacity that people develop with practice (though some are born with the ability) which enables them to read up to 1500 to 6000 words per minute. Common traits shared by speed readers include reading a text by scanning down the page rather than reading it from left to right, and reading an idea or a common theme in its entirety rather than reading one word at a time. Indeed, speed reading is a valuable tool that can enhance the reading efficiency of college students and office workers alike and allows them to comprehend and retain large amounts of reading material at a single time.

Speed Reading Through Mind Maps

How can mind maps help enhance speed reading skills?

Mind maps are a particularly useful tool to enhance speed reading capabilities. The simple logic behind employing mind maps to increase reading speed is that they encourage individuals to read and comprehend several words at one time rather than reading them one by one, which ultimately allows them to become better and more satisfied readers.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Effective Mind Maps

If you are looking to increase your reading and comprehension speed, then you can benefit from following the simple techniques detailed below:

Have a friend, parent or a teacher create a mind map for you by printing the title of a newspaper article or a book on a blank piece of paper. Instruct them to flash the mind map in front for you for a couple of seconds before removing it from your sight. In the time that the mind map is flashed before your eyes, concentrate on reading the entire title as quickly as possible and then write it down immediately. Compare your response with the original title for accuracy. Repeat the exercise until you have achieved absolutely correct and consistent results.

The natural progression of the exercise would involve moving from book titles to more complete sentences. It can also help to separate different ideas by splitting the sentences into various parts. Now focus on reading each part as if it was one complete word. Document your responses again. Another trick is to brainstorm and try to guess what the next part of the sentence would say, particularly if the sentence follows a uniform idea throughout.

With each successful attempt, increase the difficulty level of your mind map. Remember the trick is to treat whole sentences as one word, and identifying one main idea that the sentence contains.

As with all exercises, you can only achieve perfection at speed reading by practicing. Consistent efforts will pay off in the long run as you will learn how to read, comprehend and synthesize vast amounts of material all at once. Of course, there are several other techniques that you can use to develop your reading skills. The internet is a great resource to explore more options for enhancing speed reading.

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