Learn Speed Reading In 5 Minutes A Day

Speed reading has become increasingly important in many people’s lives. This is not a surprise, for not only has the pace of life increased dramatically, so have the number of things we are supposed to read in a day. Modern technology has created an influx of emails, texts, blogs, tweets, and more that we feel obligated to read. This can often become overwhelming. The obvious solution to the problem is speed reading.

Learn Speed Reading In 5 Minutes A Day

Speed reading allows you to read at speeds faster than you are used to. While learning how to speed read may seem like a daunting task, speed reading is actually very easy if you know what to do, and how to go about it. One of your first steps should be to look for online resources on speed reading. Using online resources has the advantage of having better results because the internet often “sorts” the material for you. You should be able to find several online courses or speed reading software programs listed, so that you can see if there are any packages you can afford. You will eventually find something useful that you can buy, but here are a few tips to get you by till you do. With these tips you can easily learn speed reading in five minutes a day.

First of all, pick reading material that you read every day, and which takes you anywhere from five to ten minutes to read through. For many people, this is their favorite column in the newspaper. However, it may also be a favorite blog or anything else that catches your interest. However, make you have a new entry daily of roughly the same length.

Your next step is to time yourself while reading the article. Once you are done reading, ask yourself these questions: Did you read the words aloud in your head? Did you read word by word or did you read sentences as a whole? Did you go back to a sentence once you had finished reading it? These are all common mistakes that slow down the reader. Your job is to get rid of them step by step.

The next day, read the new column or blog entry and make a concerted effort to not read the words out aloud in your head (if that is a problem you identified). It may not be easy but in two to three days, you should be able to master this. Your next step would be to work on reading phrases and sentences instead of words. Rather than reading each word separately, practice widening your scope of vision and read a few words simultaneously. Your eventual goal should be to read entire sentence at once.

Your final step should be to learn to trust your brain, and not go over what you read. Stop going back to confirm that you read what you read. If you are worried about losing comprehension, make sure that the online course or software system that you decide on has a focus on comprehension as well as reading speed. A good software system like 7 Speed Reading is designed to increase reading speed and comprehension simultaneously.

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