Get Rid of Poor Reading Habits: Be an Ultimate Speed Reader

If you want to learn speed reading, then you need to get rid of reading habits that are counterproductive to reading quickly. You might not realize that you’re already practicing poor reading habits that get in the way of effective speed reading. You’ll find a few tips below that will help you become an ultimate speed reader by getting rid of poor reading habits.

Get Rid of Poor Reading Habits: Be an Ultimate Speed Reader

Mind your posture.

Bad posture makes for bad circulation when reading. If your body is not in a position that allows for attention and concentration, then chances are you won’t be able to pay attention or concentrate on what you’re reading. Make sure that you sit in an upright position with your feet flat on the floor when you’re practicing speed reading. Put both hands on the reading material so you’ll get into a mindset of focusing what’s in your hands.

Adjust the lighting.

A room’s lighting has a very big effect on how your brain processes information. In fact, anything that’s under bright light commands far more attention than things that aren’t. This is due to how your brain processes information; brighter things get more priority for the brain. Make sure the room you’re using for reading is well lit to get the most out of practicing your speed reading.

Avoid sub-vocalizing.

You should avoid lip-reading or whispering the words you’re reading to yourself. Read with just your eyes to train you better in processing information, even if you’re just looking at the text or “reading it with your mind.” This will cut your reading time almost in half all by itself. You might be spending more time mouthing out the words than you think.

Get rid of distractions.

It’s no surprise that you find it hard to focus if your room is full of TV or radio noise, a ton of other open books, a ringing cell phone, and a clutter of papers that are due for tomorrow. Practice your speed reading in a clutter free, well-lit environment that’s quiet and free of distractions. In time, you’ll be able to speed read through anything, anywhere. But for now, you will have to practice how to do so. And that requires concentration.

Make it a habit.

To become an ultimate speed reader, you need to make practicing your reading a habit. Try to make time every day for reading articles that interest you so that you can practice reading. In time, you’ll read a lot faster than before. You can also use the many resources over the Internet that help you along with speed reading, such as the 7 Speed Reading software system.

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