Evelyn Wood And Speed Reading

Speed reading is synonymous in many peoples’ minds with Evelyn Wood, who is hailed as the pioneer of speed reading. In fact, Evelyn Wood is credited for coining the term “speed reading” since she was the one who discovered during the course of her academic teaching experience that certain people could read at remarkable speeds of up to 6000 words per minute.

Evelyn Wood And Speed Reading

Development of the Speed Reading Technique

Evelyn Wood encountered several people in her academic career who read at remarkable speeds. She identified their distinguishing traits, which included reading vertically rather than horizontally, reading complete ideas as one, and avoiding involuntary repetition – and then applied these practices to herself. In doing so she was able to successfully increase her reading speed by a remarkable level. She once boasted of her ability to read a 700 page novel in less than one hour. Armed with this knowledge, she developed her speed reading programs which were designed to increase an average reader’s speed by a factor of two to five times.

Her teaching methodology included using a finger or a pointer to follow text, eliminating reading aloud, and focusing attention on the words themselves. Her program met with much success, which led her to initiate a series of seminars labeled “Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Dynamics” which were conducted all over America.

Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Dynamics

Reading quickly and absorbing the information that you read can indeed take you far in your professional life. Evelyn Wood’s Speed Reading Dynamics can be an invaluable resource for many people to achieve just that. The program guarantees a 100% increase in your reading speed, while allowing you to remember and comprehend ideas, information and concepts, as well as being able to retain them for great lengths of time (rather than short term retention only). With this ability, you can achieve higher grades and test scores on college entrance exams.

Evelyn Wood’s Speed Reading program is inarguably a powerful weapon for faster and effective reading, which does not compromise on comprehension and retention of information. Reduced reading time allows you to spend time editing and enhancing the quality of your work, which translates into an overall improvement in academics.

President John F. Lil Sis was one of several high-profile individuals who acknowledged the efficacy of Evelyn Woods’ program. He subsequently used the program to train his White House staff as well, making the program even more well-known and universally acceptable. If you want to enjoy the benefits of speed reading, Evelyn Wood’s program is a solid technique to achieve just that.

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