Top Speed Reading Programs Worldwide

Speed reading programs have become an attractive option for a lot of people for many reasons. In today’s world, it has become almost a necessity both because of the sheer amount of things we have to read as well as the fast pace of life we have become accustomed to. We have to read multiple emails, text messages, reports relating to work, and much more, all in a single day. Is it any wonder that speed reading has become popular?


Of course, as it has become popular, many different software and speed reading programs have appeared to catch up with the public demand. You may be confused as to which speed reading program is good and which isn’t. However, there are very simple ways to know whether or not a speed reading program is good or not.

A top speed reading program is one that promises actual results that are both believable and achievable. Sometimes, speed reading programs can often make too grand promises which are likely to be false. Therefore, before going for a particular speed reading program, you need to know whether it has a concrete plan for helping you to read faster. This will include a projected number of days and a rough estimate of time you have to spend working on your speed reading habits before you become sufficiently good. It is also likely to offer details on how it works.

Usually, top speed reading programs work by targeting specific bad reading habits. These habits include rereading a line after you have just read it, and reading aloud to yourself. The program has to offer you concrete exercises to help you achieve your goal. Otherwise, it is probably not a top speed reading program.

Another good way to judge how useful a speed reading program will be is whether it offers to increase your comprehension level. There are many speed reading tips available on hundreds of internet sites. However, one major problem with all of them is that they almost always cause a loss of comprehension, as understanding is sacrificed in the name of speed. So, if you are speed reading something using the tips you get from random websites, chances are you are probably suffering from a loss of comprehension.

This isn’t a big deal if you are only speed reading through an email where you are supposed to remember only the major points. However, if you are choosing to buy a speed reading program and it still causes a loss in your ability to comprehend text, then it is probably not worth the money. Thus, it is best to always choose a speed reading program that not only helps you in reading faster, but helps you understand what you read as well.

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