Best Traditional And Modern Speed Reading Techniques

Speed reading techniques are gaining popularity at a very fast rate, which is unsurprising given that more and more people are realizing the advantages of speed reading. In an era where we are almost over run by technology, it is essential that we learn to read very quickly. It is also very important that we learn to get the essence of any piece of writing very quickly so we can differentiate between what is filler and what is truly important. In order to do so, we need to develop certain abilities that will enable us to learn how to read faster.

Best Traditional And Modern Speed Reading Techniques

The first speed reading technique you need is to get rid of the distractions around you. Make you are focused on what you are reading. Often, we are unable to read anything as we are too busy being distracted by everything else in our environment. This may be the television blaring in the background. It may also be music on your IPod, or the multiple windows open on your laptop. No matter what the source of your distraction is, you need to try your best to ensure that you are reading in an environment with the minimum number of distractions. While it may be more entertaining to read something boring with your favorite music running in the background, it is also going to take more time to read through that text.

Your second speed reading technique is to control what experts call subvocalization. Subvocalization is basically reading out loud to yourself. Some people do it by actually saying the words aloud, while others only hear the words in their mind. Either way, it wastes precious speed reading time. This is another habit that is often unrecognized because it has become an unconscious habit. To get rid of this habit, first become conscious of it. The next time you are reading anything, make a conscious effort to stop reading it aloud in your head. While you are first breaking this habit, your reading speed might slow down a little. But once the habit is fully broken, you’ll find you can increase your reading speed a lot.

These are only two of the more well-known and traditional speed reading techniques. While these techniques are helpful, you should also pay attention to modern techniques that teach us how to read faster. One useful source of these speed reading techniques is the internet. There are plenty of programs that offer to give you valuable modern speed reading techniques, and should be seriously considered if you wish to know how to speed read.

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