6 Ways To Jump Start Reading Faster

Are you interested in learning how to read faster? Speed reading is really easy to learn when you have the right tools and resources. Here are 6 tips to help you jump start your reading today.

6 Ways To Jump Start Reading Faster

  1. Use Meta Guiding

Meta guiding was the first technique that Evelyn Wood, the pioneer of speed reading, learned when she discovered speed reading. The technique involves the use of a visual guide such as a finger or pen when reading so as to ensure your vision stays on course. Meta guiding has been known to reduce regression, a bad reading habit where the reader keeps going back over what he or she has already read.

  1. Time Yourself

Before you begin to speed read, find out your baseline reading speed. This will give you an exact idea of how much work you really need to do before you can become an ace reader. It will enable you to track your progress as you continue to learn speed reading. You may also want to consider setting a time goal so as to ensure that you stay on track.

  1. Start by Focusing on Speed, Not Comprehension

When you first begin learning how to read faster, you may have to push yourself in order to achieve your reading goals. This may result in reduced comprehension. However, do not worry about that. Focus on speed and comprehension will follow as you learn to unconsciously use the speed reading techniques you’re learning.

  1. Practice Skimming

Skimming over reading material enables you to get an idea of what the text is all about. When skimming, you should focus not only on the headings and subheadings but also on bold and italicized text. Whenever you find a paragraph that you think contains important information, read the first and last sentences to get an idea of what the paragraph contains.

  1. Apply the “Third Word” Rule

Start reading each line on the third word and stop reading on the third word from the end. This helps you to develop peripheral vision so that you’re able to read words in chunks instead of reading one word at a time. Later on when you have mastered the third world rule, draw a line down the middle of the page and practice reading without moving your eyes from left to right. Instead, use peripheral vision to take in the words on both sides of the line.

  1. Practice Daily

If you only read whenever you feel like it, you might never become an ace reader. Dedicate a little time each day to improving your reading skills. To make practice more fun, purchase the 7 Speed Reading software package. This program comes with thousands of books and articles to keep you from getting bored and thousands of reading and comprehension tests that help you measure your progress, as well as fun and practical games and exercises.

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