Dental Care For Aging Teeth

Aging comes with several oral health issues. In particular, teeth loss is a serious concern for seniors over the age of 65. Before they start to lose their teeth, there are other problems they face. Their teeth darken due to the life-long consumption of foods and drinks that cause the teeth to stain—discoloring of the dentin. The outer layer of their teeth—the enamel—thins and this allow the dentin to show.

Dental Care For Aging Teeth

Their mouth would dry up. This could be as a result of the medication they use in their advanced age. The reduced flow of saliva is detrimental to their oral care.  There are sensory loses as well. Medication and dentures are attributable to this. Their gums recede, and this causes the roots of their teeth to become exposed to acids in the foods they consume. Root decay becomes a consequence of this receding of gums coupled with the thinning of their enamel. Gum disease creeps in as the root decay gets out of hand. Eventually, tooth loss sets in. It is at that time, or even sooner when seniors begin to look at dental implants cost.

Maintaining Oral Health While Aging

Oral hygiene could be difficult to maintain at that advanced age. The situation is compounded by a disease such as arthritis. If it affects the fingers and hands, tasks like brushing and flossing become much more difficult to perform. The use of numerous medications at this age could also cause a change in how such a person should take care of their oral health. Regular brushing and flossing are critical since plaque develops much more quickly in the mouths of seniors. If you are in need of a good dentist, be sure to get your teeth troubles sorted here in Vista.

Fluoride toothpaste or simply using fluoride during rinsing is critical for seniors. Having this ingredient in your toothpaste reduces the rate of degradation of your enamel. Plus, it increases the process of remineralization of your teeth. The teeth will become stronger and more resistant to the corrosive effects of the acid contained in the foods people consume. Using some mouthwash with antibacterial properties also helps to combat the build-up of plaque in the mouth.

Tobacco chewing or smoking has been linked to numerous oral health problems. Many of the formulations in tobacco chewing products contain sugar and thus make the seniors who use them more prone to tooth decay. Come a time when you need to replace your teeth; dental implants cost can be more expensive if you have a history of smoking. If you are suffering from a constant dry mouth, you can consult with your physician to prescribe medicine that does not produce this adverse effect. Avoid alcohol as well since it tends to dehydrate your body. If this cannot be done, seniors should strive to remain hydrated by drinking lots of water. One could also chew gum that is sugar-free to help in the production of saliva in their mouth.

Lastly, oral health is not the sole reservation of seniors. People of all ages should observe their oral health. To maintain a significant number of your natural teeth during your sunset years, it is essential to have good oral hygiene habits from a young age.

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