Dog Training with Milk-Bone® Brand Treats. Part 1, the Shop! #ILoveMyk9 #CBias


I’ve set out on a mission to help train my mother-in-laws two dogs. They are a Cocker Spaniel – Lhasa Apso mix and they aren’t puppies. They are 7 or 8 years old. I know the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, right? But I think these fellows are still pretty trainable. And it will only be basic training like “sit”, “stay”, etc.

I headed to Walmart and bought a few different types of Milk-Bone® brand treats. I’m not sure which will work the best but I guess we’ll soon find out!

milkbone5.jpg milkbone8.jpg

There were tons of different brands and varieties available but I had an idea o the kinds I want to try. I wanted a healthy option like the Milo’s Kitchen. But I also wanted something crunchy and good for their teeth as well as something fun. I want to really test them and see which the guys, Rebel & Wafer, prefer. I hunted for Lean Pup-Peroni that I had heard about but didn’t find them at my Walmart. They may have been out of stock but I didn’t notice a sticker for them.


So, I ended up getting Milk-Bone® for Small dogs, Milo’s Kitchen Beef Jerky and Pup-Peroni Combo Bites. I think that’s a pretty good mix of treats.

Be sure to see my entire shopping trip in my Google+ story, including what my 5 year old daughter did BEFORE we went shopping that made us to tremendously proud!

I’ll be posting some of the training too so you can see how that goes. Note: I am NOT a dog trainer so this should be pretty funny! lol

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And don’t forget the SoFab Twitter Party for this great brand!

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