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I have an android phone and I really do not like the built-in, stock browser. I mean, it’s ok, but as a blogger I like a browser with a lot of capabilities. I like to be able to share to and open in other apps. I like to be able to sync my info seamlessly and easily and I like to have something that isn’t buggy. I chose the Dolphin Browser app to replace my stock browser and I couldn’t be happier.

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Dolphin Browser

I’m going to give you some info about this app that I love but I want to start off by saying that, yes, this is a compensated post but it is for something that I use and would continue to use regardless. This is one of my favorite apps on my phone and one I use every single day and wouldn’t want to live without!

There are a couple of features that I really love about this browser app. First off, you can sort of train your Dolphin to adapt to the way you want to browse. My favorite feature is the Gestures. If you’re already an Android user than you may be familiar with the Swipe keyboard. This is similar. There are several Gestures already available like for Facebook, Ebay, etc. but what I love the most is that I can create custom gestures for the sites I use the most. Like Cinnamon Hollow. I created a little CH Gesture and I am able to just draw it on the screen and it will automatically open my blog. Of course, I can also set several Speed Dial Shortcuts on the browser home screen. With these, just click and go.

Dolphin Browser

To access Gestures, hold the Dolphin icon in and then swipe up to open the Gesture capability.

Dolphin Browser

If you swipe right it opens Sonar, another cool feature: voice search. For searches instead of opening specific sites, I love to use Sonar. And even though I have a country, southern accent, it understands me really well. It has also learned the way I talk and rarely gets it wrong.

I’m also happy that this browser has flash support so I can view sites, games and videos that I may not typically be able to on a portable device browser.

The Dolphin Browser also offer tabbed browsing which is something I use A LOT! When I am doing research for a blog post or even shopping online, especially for travel lodging, I tend to open several browser tabs so I can go back and forth and compare.

I mentioned that I wanted a browser that would let me sync across multiple platforms. Well, Dolphin let me do that. I can share and sync with Facebook, Evernote, Box and more. I can also use Dolphin Connect to sync bookmarks and my browsing history.

There are a TON of add-ons you can download and install. One of my favorites gives me the ability to save web pages as pdf. This is very helpful with travel and also school. I can save a page with important info, sync it to my Dropbox and then view it on my larger computer screen later.

To access settings, browsing history, add-ons, etc. the Dolphin Browser has sidebars. They are hidden when browsing and can be accessed by swiping in either from the left or the right, depending on which sidebar you want to access.

Dolphin Browser

As you can see in the screenshot, above, this browser also offers quick access to weather info. You can see a link to the Weather Channel on the lower left. You can also access weather info by clicking on a little yellow cloud/sun icon that sits right in the right side of the address bar. When you click it, it will make your location and temperature show on the screen. Click that to see more weather info. This is super useful when you are traveling!

I love the Dolphin Browser App so much!

I use my smartphone and I use it a lot. I use it for blogging, staying on task, reminders, calendar events and saving important data for travel, work and school. I use it for saving grocery lists, taking photos of the kids and more. I keep everything I need synced across several platforms so it is there when I need it. Having a browser that makes all those tasks simple is a necessity for me. I am so glad I found out about the Dolphin Browser app.

Download the Android version of the Dolphin Browser app for free on the Google Play store.

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