Elevate Your Nursing Career With Online RN Programs

Some nurses want to move away from the clinical responsibilities of their role and into an administrative or educator capacity. For them, an advanced nursing degree is a way to accomplish this.

These nurses often enroll in accelerated RN programs online. But what are the advantages of this type of program?

RN programs online

Professional Development

When you earn a degree through accelerated RN programs online, you’ll learn to identify and treat the full range of health issues. You’ll also learn to work with patients from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.

Students from all walks of life can find success in an online nursing program, including those who initially studied business, English, or political science. The most critical factors are dedication to a future career in nursing and willingness to commit to the rigor of an accelerated bachelor’s program.

Many accelerated nursing programs are offered entirely online, but you’ll need to complete clinical hours at a medical facility. This is often a better option for students with children because it allows them to be present in their family’s lives while maintaining their studies. This can help reduce feelings of isolation from fellow students and instructors that sometimes can occur in online learning environments.


Getting an online accelerated bachelor of science in nursing (ABSN) program at La Salle University is an excellent option for adults already working full-time but wanting to upskill and progress in their careers. By studying online, students can weave nursing courses into their existing work schedules instead of having to fit their lives around a rigid in-person class schedule.

Unlike most other nursing programs, accelerated nursing bachelor’s degrees are typically completed in under four years and consist of a combination of general education classes, nursing theory, and hands-on clinicals. Many of these programs also offer flexible scheduling so learners can take their coursework on the go and from anywhere.

However, accelerating your nursing career may require you to make some personal sacrifices. Learning about complicated drug names and specialized nursing procedures, studying for seemingly endless exams, and preparing for clinical rotations can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Having the support of your fellow nursing classmates and faculty can help you stay the course.

Accelerated Learning Experience

Nursing is a highly demanding field, and RN programs are often grueling. Studying for endless exams, reading about complicated drug names and procedures, and putting yourself on the line during clinical rotations can be physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting.

Fortunately, many prospective nurses already possess valuable life experiences and academic knowledge that can help them excel in their new careers. For example, professionals in fields like customer service and education are used to working on a schedule, communicating with others, and achieving deadlines.

Accelerated RN programs online provide students with this flexibility while holding them accountable to their course goals. This allows motivated, responsible individuals to graduate from their degree program immediately. This accelerates their earning potential and gives them a better return on their educational investment. It also helps them avoid having to take out additional student loans.

Career Advancement

You can advance your career faster when you complete an accelerated BSN program. This option is best for RNs who want to move up the ladder or pursue roles that require nursing leadership. It also helps students who earned a non-nursing undergraduate degree get up to speed quickly and begin meeting the requirements to become an RN. According to a study published in the Journal of Professional Nursing, accelerated BSN program graduates reported feeling effectively prepared for their new careers.

Students who choose to earn a nursing degree with an accelerated course can also save time by skipping the general bachelor’s degree requirements that many traditional undergraduate programs have. Since they already have those skills, they can focus on nursing coursework more intensely and quickly. This is an excellent choice for professionals who have previously worked in customer service, education, or business. They can apply their experience to nursing, which always looks for highly trained employees.

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