The Common Misconceptions About A Summer School Program

You can do so many things during your summer break, either utilise it or idle it away. You are free to choose anything that you desire. But remember, time is precious. If you have a particular ambition, you must find out a way to make the most of it. For example, you can join a summer school at a foreign destination and be productive with your holidays. There are thousands of programs that run worldwide, of them is one. It is a UK-based program available at Cambridge University and colleges. Students choose such courses to earn extra credits, to increase their knowledge of the subject, and to boost their employability.

common misconceptions about a summer school program

You too can have your reasons for doing a popular course like this. But make sure you get your expectations right from the beginning to avoid any confusion or overwhelming situation. Some students build different opinions about these courses based on assumptions. For example, they believe that:

  • Summer schools are only for high schoolers and not middle school students
  • These are easier than academic terms
  • Since people from different parts of the world come here, you won’t know anyone in your class
  • You can skip some classes
  • Everyone goes for summer courses
  • The workload will not be much

These common misconceptions about summer classes can ruin your chances of success because of the lack of preparation. If you don’t want to get trapped, ensure that your knowledge is thorough about it.

Only high school students can apply for a summer program

It is critical to understand that even 11 to 15-year-olds can also attend summer programs. However, the main focus of the course can be on the development of language skills and leadership qualities. For this, there can be an emphasis on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Then, participation in logical arguments, exploration of British culture and traditions through a host of activities and other such things can also feature.  Hence, you don’t have to wait for high school to enrol in this kind of course.

These courses are easier than high school

These short courses are mostly enrichment programs that aim to advance your knowledge, skills, and understanding through learning. The teachers impart information that you rarely find in your school. They go deep into the subject in the intensive sessions to reinforce your learning experience so that you can discover your strengths and passion for a particular topic that you choose. The assessments, assignments, discussions, seminars, workshops – all these keep you thoroughly occupied.

You won’t have friends

While this has some truth, you must not underestimate the possibility of meeting new peers and mingling with them. Since most people in a study abroad course are outsiders, you can approach them with a new thought process. The exchange of fresh ideas, cultural values, and background information can instantly connect you with others, whom you may never have met or imagined meeting. However, it all depends on your personality. If you enjoy socialising, it may not seem like a task. Plus, eating together, putting up at the same residential arrangement, attending the same class and other such similarities can contribute to your new relationships in significant measures. The teachers can also help you settle quickly. So, don’t bother.

You can take your summer course lightly

Someone may believe that it’s fine to skip a class or not complete the project. If you are not serious about your future, you can anyway indulge in this. However, for a bright educational or career opportunity, you have to be focused. The classes witness intensive discussions, workshops, research materials, and so much more. To keep pace with them, you have to be mentally and physically present. You need to pay full attention. If you do well, you can show your experience gained here in your resume or college application to secure a spot for yourself.

On the other side, a poor performance will reflect in the feedback you receive from your tutor at the wrap up of the course. You wouldn’t get that additional push, which you otherwise could exploit to your advantage.

Everyone attends summer school

Nowadays, many students have started engaging in summer activities to keep themselves active and productive. But attending summer school is not the same as other events. It doesn’t just want to keep you occupied; it aims to protect you from summer slide along with preparing you for your life ahead.

The thoughtfully crafted summer courses are for the promotion of advanced knowledge and information among students who want to make specific learning or career choice. These programs intend to broaden your understanding of the subject so that you can quickly adjust to your new and challenging routine at the college. These aim to shape up your entire personality for a better and brighter future.

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