Get FIERCE Tips For Your Menopausal Skin Courtesy Of Pietro Simone

This post is long but it’s worth it! I’ve discussed before how I’m now peri/pre menopausal and how it is awful. My skin has changed. My pores decided to appear 20 times bigger over the summer. I’ve been having breakouts I never had before. Some of that is “maskne” but some is also hormonal. My face is overly oily one week, dry in spots the next. The list goes on and on. With that said, though, there are some things I can do to help combat the skin issues. I’ve jumped right in with new skincare techniques and routines as well as following advice from beauty professionals like Pietro Simone and I want to share what I learn with you. He has some amazing advice AND a line of skincare called FIERCE, for menopausal skin!

All products within the Pietro Simone FIERCE collection are:

Free from alcohol, artificial colorants, cocamide DEA, essential oils, EDTA, formaldehyde, GMOs, ingredients of animal origin, mineral oil, myristyl myristate, nitrates, parabens, paraffin, PEG, petrolatum, phthalates, Polysorbate 20, propylene glycol, silicones, SLS & SLES, synthetic fragrances and triclosan.

That makes me soooo happy! I’ll be trialing the FIERCE Future Texture toner very soon and I can’t wait!

First I’ll share some of his advice with you, then give a couple tips of what I’m finding is working for me, personally.

Pietro’s Top Lifestyle Tips For Menopausal Skin:

  • Seek advice from your medical doctor on hormonal treatments
  • Remember: Menopause is not Taboo! Own it and find your own balance!
  • There are many natural treatments, seek advice!
  • Gua Sha your face & Body- It really Helps! (From Crystal – oh girls – read about this later in this post and be sure to watch the embedded videos! Gua Sha is amazing and I have a photo of mine below!)
  • Food is a crucial portal, feed your body & skin with natural sources that support this stage of life (From Crystal – sugar really messes with my skin but when I remove it, I notice a HUGE beneficial change so I try to avoid it as much as possible – typically altogether)
  • Meditation and breathing techniques can really help (From Crystal – I combine meditation with prayer. I get my breathing regulated then take to prayer to really clear my mind and reset my soul)
  • Always remember to drink water! (YASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!)

Pietro Simone ’s FIERCE Strategy For Menopausal Skin:

MORNING Routine:

  • From Essential Collection – Revitalizing Cleanser (affiliate link)- a calming cleanser that regulates sebum & fortifies the skin, while preserving its moisture barrier. Helps to strengthen skin’s natural ability to neutralize harmful environmental factors.
  • Future Texture – a toner that restores skin’s microbiome & stimulates skin renewal to sustain skin metabolism.
  • Fierce Oil – a masterful blend of functional, invigorating & luminous oils, combine with IBC for ultimate epidermis replenishment- highly impactful lipid restorer, vit E enhancer & natural antioxidant.
  • The Fierce Infusion – the essence of moisturizing with anti-redness, & rosacea management. Rebuilds skin barrier & provides skin microbiome optimization.
  • The Fierce Shield SPF 20 – daily fluid to protect from pollutants, UVA & UVB. Fights against pollution damage to skin and strengthens and repairs while removing toxic oxidant species, refines skin texture & diminishes appearance of blackheads.

EVENING Routine:

  • (From Essential Collection) Revitalizing Cleanser – a calming cleanser that regulates sebum & fortifies the skin, while preserving its moisture barrier. Helps to strengthen skin’s natural ability to neutralize harmful environmental factors.
  • Future Texture – a toner that restores skin’s microbiome & stimulates skin renewal to sustain skin metabolism.
  • Dewy Reboot- a multi-skilled serum with 4 – dimensional hyaluronic moisture system & anti-pollutant skin shield for intense epidermis reboot.
  • (From the Prestige Collection) Bio-Recovery – a highly beneficial skin antidote, for intense soothing, multi-peptides help prevent sagging building stronger collagen fibers, helps soothe sun damage, sensitivity & rehydrate skin- designed to seal in moisture & awaken plump vitality.
  • Skin-Alert Unguent – an ultra nourishing balm rich in natural oils with advanced healing bio-fermented active ingredients for anti-inflammation. Rebalances, soothes & restores epidermis.

Intensive Weekly Routine Suggestions:

  • Hydrator In Chief – an extensive hydrator with hydra-constituents & anti-oxidant compounds to re-establish & develop maximum epidermis vital hydration levels. (once twice a week)
  • (Prestige) Bio-Ageless Ampoules (every 2 months )- contains highest possible concentrations of antioxidants, clever trio peptides aid to longer-term skin regeneration & repair. Accelerates renewal, works on superficial fine lines, wrinkles and helps to balance skin tone & texture.

Now for my own, personal, skincare routine/tips:

My morning and nightly routines differ some from the recommendations above because I’ve found what works well for my skin. Don’t be afraid to play around a bit and find what works best for you. We’re all different!

One tip is finding a great toner that works well for your skin type. As I mentioned, above, I have very oily skin with large pores. The toner I’m using is a DIY essential oil toner that works well, but isn’t perfect. I’m looking forward to trying the Future Texture – available at @neimanmarcus and @amazon (buy hereaffiliate link)

I’ll update this post when mine gets here and I get the chance to try it for myself!

Future Texture Facial Toner

Y’all know I am all about plants when it comes to my skincare. Essential oils, plant extracts, herbs… those things are life ingredients to me. Plants have such amazing power when it comes to helping and healing our skin. So I wanted a toner that harnessed that power and I found one to try with the FIERCE Future Texture.

  • Ginger, Frankincense and Grape molecules work the epidermis and Corneum Stratum to rebalance the skin microbiome fighting redness, inflammation, acne and preserving the skin barrier.
  • A highly tolerable, glow-revealing complex of 6 plant and fruit extracts perform an intelligent exfoliation and protects collagen with a focus on pore management. (Crystal neeeeeds this!)
  • Sage, Rosemary, Oregano and Chamomile botanical extracts naturally boost the cleansing process, infusing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish properties.
  • Italian Bella Complex Target: Pietro’s signature compound supports the skin’s regeneration process.

So, I use my toner AFTER washing my face and BEFORE applying a serum to my entire face and neck. I use a different brand (here) of cleanser, serum and moisturizer. I make my own face mist using essential oils and I will be using this toner. This routine works really well for me, personally.

The other thing I recommend is using a Gua Sha (and Jade Roller). I use that when applying my serum and moisturizer. I also use it when I’m having a hot flash and when I have puffiness under my eyes by just holding it in place and letting the coolness reduce the inflammation. It is a crystal and it is cold, naturally, so it really helps reduce puffiness! The coolness, especially when kept in my mini-fridge, helps with a hot flash by rolling the Jade Roller on the back of my neck and my forehead or by placing the Gua Sha flat against my cheeks. It feels wonderful!

Gua Sha And Jade Roller

Pietro shows using a Gua Sha in the following videos. If you’ve never used one, I highly recommend it! Our youngest daughter is actually the one who introduced me to using one and I couldn’t be happier. (She uses hers daily) My pre-menopausal skin has really loved the Gua Sha/serum/moisturizer combination. My skin feels tighter, looks brighter and my pores are not as noticeable or oily.

I only use the Gua Sha and serum in my nighttime routine. In fact, I only use anything other than cleanser and toner at night. In the morning, I use a gentle cleanser or sometimes, just warm water and a soft wash cloth, followed by my toner and sunscreen if I’m going outdoors.

Using all. the. stuff. morning and night is too much for my skin and I actually end up over-producing oils which make my face worse instead of better. By using the full regiment only at night, my skin cooperates. Also, I wear makeup daily. Sometimes just powder, eyeliner and mascara. Some days a full face of makeup, but always something and moisturizer (no matter which I’ve tried) ALWAYS makes my makeup run .

At night, I do the following:

  • Cleanse my face and neck with a gentle cleanser to remove all my makeup and dirt and junk from the day – MY BIGGEST TIP is to never go to bed with any makeup on your face. None I don’t care what the brand is or what they say. Get that stuff off your face even if you’re worn out and just use a makeup wipe – so it can rest and take in the moisture, healing properties and hydration that comes in the next steps. A makeup wipe and moisturizer are better than nothing on tired nights, ladies.
  • Gently swipe toner over face and neck in an upward motion, using a cotton ball or cotton round
  • Treat any acne with jojoba oil mixed with tea tree essential oil (affiliate link) at 3% dilution – 10 ML jojoba oil with 6 drops tea tree mixed in a roller bottle. I roll a small amount onto the acne infected spot and let sink into my skin. I may use a cotton swab to gently massage the oil into the area.
  • Apply serum to face and neck (usually something with Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Apply moisturizer to face and neck by gently patting it into my skin AVOIDING MY EYES and massage into skin using Gua Sha
  • Apply eye cream to eye area. My favorite can be applied to lids as well. – Here’s a page with all the products I, personally use in my skincare routines.

You’ll notice I say “gently” a lot. Girls, be kind to your skin. You get one natural face in this world – treat it right.

Tips on How To Use A Gua Sha And What It Is?

Gua sha has been proven to help relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and it can even help reduce sinus pressure.

Cleveland Clinic

Gua sha, or kerokan, is a traditional Chinese medicine practice in which a tool is used to scrape people’s skin in order to produce light petechiae.


The videos below show Pietro Simone using the Gua Sha. Watch him closely and find which movements work best for you.

After applying serum and some oils, Pietro uses a Gua Sha comb (typically for body) to work the skin. Skip ahead to 9:40 to see him using the type of Gua Sha I use on my face.

@neimanmarcus @amazon @pietrosimoneofficial

About Pietro Simone & Pietro Simone Skincare:

Celebrity Esthetician & Beauty Expert, Pietro Simone, has dedicated 20 years in extensive research into spearheading a positive global evolution on how we all approach beauty, anti-ageing, and simply, ‘the skin’. His global luxury clinics are renowned for its diverse range of skills, treatments, and technology- in providing cutting edge results in the rejuvenation of skin and body. 

His latest, and third collection, FIERCE, is born out of what Simone describes as ‘a Evolutionary Evolution’ – or quite simply, where the skin meets its demands. Simone’s inspiration in the creation of FIERCE is quintessentially who he is; as during the Covid pandemic & lock downs he experienced his own issues with hormonal changes & imbalances resulting in personal challenges. With FIERCE he has created a line that is sustainable and traceable while taking care of the world & our people-making a difference-with leaps not steps.

The collection is the answer to any disclosures of the skin-from the psychological, to emotional and everyday. It addresses not only the health & wellbeing of the skin, but is able to achieve it- through natural ingredients, and advanced technology. Like his two existing lines Prestige & Essential Collection, FIERCE also contains Simone’s exclusive Italian Bella ComplexTM– Pietro Simone’s signature compound which supports skin’s regeneration process- creating the perfect unison where purity meets performance in a formula.

FIERCE addresses specific targets for both face & body, such as, hormonal imbalances, and conditions such as menopausal skin, acne, and rosacea. This extraordinary collection is ‘not just another pot of IT cream’, but an answer for each individual to achieve inclusivity and address their individuality.

Again, my biggest tip is to find what works for you, personally. Your skin is different than mine. Products, foods, etc. affect you differently than they do me. No 2 people are exactly alike so why would their skincare needs be? The main take away is to wash, tone, moisturize and…

DEEP BREATH – use that Gua Sha because it’s like a magical unicorn riding on a rainbow of skincare happiness that somehow flows across your skin leaving it gorgeous. The end.

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