Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Home

When the holiday season rolls around one of the big and controversial family decisions always revolves around picking the perfect Christmas tree. The debates will range from everything from ‘real versus fake’ to ‘spruce versus pine’ and even ‘huge versus modest’. it seems people can seldom agree on what exactly makes for the perfect Christmas tree. If you’re in the market for a Christmas tree for the upcoming festive period and are wondering what you can do help yourself pick the ultimate decoration, then here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Decide where you want to display your tree

Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Home

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for your perfect tree is the room that you will be displaying it in. You have to remember the dimensions of the area you want your tree to fill, and what type of role it will play in the room where it is displayed. If you want the tree to be the centerpiece of the room then you’ll want it to fill-up the space, in which case you should get a tree that leaves about a foot of space between its highest limb and the ceiling of the room. Be aware of the diameter of the space you are trying to fill as well, and consider different sizes, form the standard “full”, to the “narrow” or “slim” options. With real trees the branches can also be trimmed to best fit your available space.

Pick a top quality tree

Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Home

One of the major advantages of choosing an artificial tree is that it can be reused each year. The best way to identify its quality is by noting the quantity of the branch “tips” and the tree’s foliage. When looking for a real tree your best bet for getting the highest quality is to ensure that you have the freshest cut, meaning that you’re always better off buying your tree locally than from a major distributer whose trees have more than likely spent longer time in transportation. A good test is to clamp down on a branch and gently pull your hand across it to see if needles spill off—if so the tree is past its prime.

Choose a green Christmas tree

Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Home

All Christmas trees have a green colour to them, but not all of them are environmentally friendly. If you’re looking to pick the type of Christmas tree that is best for the environment, then consider purchasing a plantable or bulb tree, which you can actually plant in your yard following its time as your Christmas tree. If this seems like too much work, then you can also simply decorate an outdoor tree, or purchase one from a sustainable and organic farm.

With these great tips, choosing this year’s tree will be easier than ever.

Images by acmeastrangelyisolatedplace and Ruth and Dave used under Creative Commons License.

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