Free Raw Gulf Shrimp For A Year!

Y’all want some free shrimp? It’s gorgeous raw Gulf shrimp! New Butcherbox members will get 1 lb of raw, wild-caught U.S. gulf shrimp in every box for one year if you sign up between May 9 – 15.

I’d be tickled shrimp pink if you use my affiliate link to sign up for your free shrimp! This won’t cost you any extra but will give us a little commission to help pay for our site.

ButcherBox Raw Gulf Shrimp

Here is a photo of my packages of their Gulf shrimp(I have 2). We plan on having a shrimp boil / seafood boil for Mother’s Day. (this post was written and scheduled before Mother’s day – I’ll let you know if we got to have it!) I’m praying the weather holds out because Clay’s shrimp boils are SO GOOD!!! I don’t eat a lot of seafood but I know that shrimp is going to be amazing. Plus the corn and potatoes and carrots. OH MY! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Here’s a photo of a past shrimp boil Clay did. Note, there’s no shrimp on my plate. As I mentioned I don’t eat a lot of seafood (some here and there) but the rest of our family does. So, what was on my plate had already been snatched up by one of my kids! 😂

Shrimp Boil

Doesn’t that look good? It has potatoes, corn, celery, onion, carrots, shrimp, chicken and smoked sausage plus a ton of Cajun seasonings. It was spicy but not so hot you lost the flavor. It was so good and I really hope and pray we can have it again this weekend using that gorgeous Gulf shrimp in the freezer!

What is your favorite way to eat shrimp? Do you go all Forrest and Bubba and prepare it a million ways or do you have one standard favorite?

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