How Does An Annulment Work?

We all know about the term divorce as this legal process is used to finish a marriage. However, annulment is a procedure that declares that the marriage never took place and never existed, in the first place. Where both these terms are used for dissolving a marriage, they are quite different in treating the marriage and dissolving it too. Annulment is quite common in Las Vegas, as it is known to be the marriage capital because marriage licenses are very cheap to obtain there. This is why annulment is quite common in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas annulment lawyer is definitely more professional and skillful than others as they tend to deal with such matters on almost a daily basis. But is annulment beneficial overall? And how does it actually work? Let’s have a look at it.

For example, a woman discovers after 3 years of marriage, that her husband has been married previously and she has been cheated on. She had no idea that he probably had children too. As the man has misrepresented his accurate information, the woman can file a case of annulment, instead of divorce, to make the marriage null legally. The process works to scratch offer the legal documents and certificates of your marriage completely.

How Does An Annulment Work?

So how is annulment beneficial? Well, there are various perks to it and some of them have been listed below:

  1. No Property Division:

If the couple decides to file for annulment, the property is not divided between the couple. The property and all other financial assets are handed over to the person who rightfully owned them before the marriage.

  1. Remarry Easily:

If your marriage has been declared null, there is no evidence that you ever got married. Moreover, it allows you to re-marry at any time, legally. There are no hindrances in the way.

  1. Never really married:

An annulment announces that you were never legally married in the first place. Divorce states that you were married and the marriage got dissolved which is completely different. For anyone whose marriage wasn’t disclosed to a lot of people, an annulment can be beneficial. As not a lot of people will ever know that you actually got married EVER.

  1. Sharing Marital Debt Equally:

If any debts were taken during the marriage by the couple, then those are split between the couple equally. You won’t have to pay more than your partner and neither will you get freed of the debt. You will have to pay the debt off equally which does not  burden you or the other individual.

FINAL VERDICT Annulment will end your marriage and declare that it never happened. Unlike divorce, where you have been legally married once. A lot of people opt for annulment these days but it is not applicable for each couple. Make sure you consult a lawyer and discuss your situation with them to determine whether you can file for an annulment or not.

We are not lawyers and this is in no way intended to be used as legal advice . We cannot be held responsible for your results. Always do your own research and seek professional legal help.

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