How Long Do Lost Mary Vapes Last?

Lost Mary is one of the most popular disposable vape types in the e-smoke industry and is also pretty famous for its long lasting battery life. Plus, its e-liquid tastes amazing and gives you the “perfect” vaping experience.

Now comes the question, “How long do Lost Mary vapes last?” Well, it actually depends on a number of things, such as the size of the vape, the amount of e-liquid you use, and how often you use them. Most of the time, these vapes last between one to three days before they need to be replaced.

Want to know more about the longevity of the battery life of these disposable vapes? If yes, then binge on till the end of this blog.

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How Long Does a Lost Mary Vape Usually Last?

Vape lovers appreciate Lost Mary vapes as their batteries usually last a long time and the e-liquid tastes amazing. But the duration of these depends on a number of things, the amount of e-liquid it can hold, and how the user uses it. Lost Mary vapes usually last between one and three days before they need to be replaced.

Lost Mary BM600:

This Lost Mary vape is often used and can hold 2ml of e-liquid. It also has a 550mAh battery. It usually lasts between one and two days, depending on how often you use it.

Mary Lost MO5000:

This is a bigger version of the Lost Mary vape. It holds 13.5ml of e-liquid and has a 1000mAh battery. Due to this, it usually only lasts two to three days before it needs to be replaced.

Here are the things that affect the battery health of the disposable vape:

How long the Lost Mary vape lasts depends a lot on how often and for how long you use it. If you use it a lot, the e-liquid and battery will run out faster.

The length of each puff affects how much e-liquid and battery power are used altogether. When you draw for longer, the throwaway vape lasts less long.

Smoking habits of each person:

Heavy Smokers: Smokers who use the vape a lot may find that their Lost Mary vape only lasts a day or two before they need to get a new one.

Light Smokers: People who smoke less often might be able to use a single Lost Mary vape for a few days before it runs out.

Note: Well, the given estimates of lifespans are only rough guesses. Actual durations may change depending on how the vape is used.

Ways You Can Extend the Battery Life of Your Lost Mary

Here in this section, we’ll let you know all the ways you can easily extend the overall battery life of any of your Lost Mary vape deals. But, it’s recommended that you read on all the tips as missing out one might degrade your vape’s battery life.

  • The mouthpiece and tank of your disposable should be cleaned regularly to keep e-liquid residue from building up or even affecting the flavor of your vape. These spots should be thoroughly cleaned with rubbing alcohol or clean warm water.
  • If you keep charging the battery past its full capacity, it can surely start to lose its overall battery health capacity. Once the device is fully charged, unplug it. Also, don’t let the battery die all the way before charging it again; this can also put stress on the battery.
  • Always make sure to keep your vape at room temperature. The battery and other parts can be damaged by extreme heat or even cold. Also, make sure to keep it out of any strong sunlight and places where there’s a lot of humidity.
  • Only use chargers that are approved by the manufacturer. Using chargers that aren’t suitable can damage the battery or cause it to overcharge. Stick to the charger that came with the device or an option that was suggested.
  • Coils are important parts that wear out over time. Replace them when the maker tells you to or when you notice that they aren’t working as well. Priming new coils the right way before using them can also make them last longer.
  • Avoid running the tank totally dry, as this can cause the coil to burn out faster. To keep the coil constantly saturated, keep an eye on the e-liquid level and fill it up before it gets too low.
  • Continuous vaping can turn the pod hot and strain the coil. So, always allow the coil to cool down by taking short breaks between puffs. This will keep it from getting too hot and allow the vape’s battery to last long.
  • If you drop or hit the pod by accident, it could damage the sensitive compartments. Be super careful when you handle it so that the internal parts don’t get misaligned or broken.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Lost Mary vapes last depending on things like their size, the amount of e-liquid, and how they are used. Lost Mary vapes usually last between one and three days of use.

However, this time frame can differ a lot depending on your smoking habits. Whether they last a day or three, knowing the mentioned tips above can aid you to keep your Lost Mary battery life long-lasting.

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