How to Speed Read in 10 Minutes

Learning how to speed read starts the process of gaining a vocabulary that includes what some people call “power words.” In many cases, these words spell future success. Everybody from students to employees to business entrepreneurs plans and dreams of a life filled with success. Reading, for the most part, may seem a small and basic task, but the success a person dreams of comes more quickly to a person who knows how to read and learn faster, because they are recognized by others as leaders and capable workers.

Take for example a college freshman who gets a high score on an exam, as compared to his or her best friend. Both are readers and disciplined students, but what makes the first college freshman more effective is the manner of reading and processing ideas and concepts learned. Speed reading techniques will allow you to enjoy the opportunity to read more and learn faster. The methods incorporated in a good speed reading program will not only make you a better reader, it will transform you into a more effective learner.

Most successful people brag about their persistence. Others consider enthusiasm as their biggest ally while battling through the roadblocks that come up. Learning how to speed read in 10 minutes may not be the solution that leaps to mind when you think about becoming the best in your field, but doing so will give you the right tools and exercises you need to take your reading to the next level. To become successful in speed reading, you must employ the following practices:

Use mental images as part of the process. Words, like tangible or solid figures, can be used as mental images. For example, if reading a page takes you forever, try scanning the entire text and build images out of those words that your eye picks up. Scanning doesn’t mean just moving your eyes over the page, but rather trying to get the gist or summary of the ideas presented on that page. Consider the most important phrases and try to see them as blocks of texts. If you do this, you will have an easier time studying the subject matter.

Relax and practice consistently. A regular routine can help you study and employ even the most difficult and advanced speed reading techniques. Having a good eye for the important things on a page is good, but it’s also important that you are in an environment suitable for learning. Getting rid of outside distractions makes the process of speed reading and scanning less difficult and more inviting. Visualization is another good technique – you’ve probably noticed that it’s easy to remember pictures or images once they have formed in your head. Practice these and other speed reading techniques and you’ll soon have the tools you need to be your best at school and at work.

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