I Applied To Sephora Squad: Would You Mind Leaving Me A Testimonial?

I have a really huge favor to ask y’all! I just applied for the 2023 Sephora Squad and I need testimonials! If you have found any value here, I’d appreciate it if you would please click this link to share what you admire about me and the content I create.

2023 Sephora Squad

This is mainly for beauty content I’ve shared but if you have found any of the resources I’ve shared helpful, a testimonial would be very much appreciated!

I try to join as many programs as I can that I think will help me find resources for you all. The Sephora Squad is one. It would give me access to more beauty and skincare items to help you create affordable looks on a budget while also showing 1 – 2 must-have luxury items.

There are a couple brands out there that I feel are worth the cost. I like to keep just 1 – 2 things in my beauty arsenal along with the lower cost items I know work for me.

So, the testimonials help me in my application process.

Thank you for your help!

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