Incorporating Family Dynamics Into Addiction Treatment

Addiction affects the entire family environment. Whether the addict continues to consume or repeat his addictive behaviors also depends on the people around him and the position they occupy. Thus, a change in one of the members affects the entire family system. If a family member decides to consult for an addicted relative, already in himself, with his action, he is introducing a difference. Joining a rehab Alabama program, in many instances, calls for the entire family to participate. 

Incorporating Family Dynamics Into Addiction Treatment

Family Dynamics

Continuing to perpetuate the same family dynamics will help the recovery, neither of the family member who suffers from the addiction nor of the family as a whole. In this sense, it is very important to recognize that each member fulfills a role, and that, if the same role is always repeated, it will hardly be possible to achieve a change. Anxiety, uncertainty, and anguish cross the family fabric, intensifying the symptoms. Thus, perhaps, those who tried to set limits now find it difficult to do so, because they are emotionally affected. 

Likewise, those who had been suffering from an addiction, probably feel a greater desire to consume, due to the great instability and the limiting conditions of the current reality. In this context, relapses may occur. Stress, restriction, and permanent coexistence bring relationship conflicts that are reflected in addictive behavior, intensifying, in turn, family codependency. However, it is a time that invites reflection and the possibility of asking for help.

Starting Addiction Treatment

What can we do if a family member suffers from an addiction and does not want to start addiction treatment? If the family member who suffers from addiction does not want to start treatment, they can consult one of the family members in the first instance. As was said before, having a family member consult is already mobilizing a change. Periods of crisis are difficult to cope with, but, at the same time, they represent turning points that enable changes of position and new elections. In the current framework, the aim is to create care devices that adapt to the new needs and demands that arise.

These new modalities of online therapy through video calls allow starting and sustaining treatments also in a group way, integrating the family and working in a network. This is extremely important in cases of addiction since the intervention of the family is essential for the progress and maintenance of addiction treatment.

Comprehensive Approach

Each rehab center will find a comprehensive approach, with personalized models depending on each patient and each family, to enable adequate therapeutic and emotional containment, even if it means going on a video call. This therapy modality allows everyone involved to transcend distances, integrating the family environment and the team of professionals to create a support network that favors adherence and continuation of treatment. It allows, in turn, lowering costs, avoiding long trips and unnecessary exposure of the patient. It works assisting the family as a whole, through consultations, workshops, and access to support groups and mutual assistance.


Paradoxically, it is in the most difficult moments when we have within our reach the possibility of enabling change. Online modalities and a suboxone clinic online offer a holistic, complete, and personalized intervention to help you on that path to recovery. Visit for more suggestions.

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