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Disclosure: I received complimentary InStyler hair styling tools as a member of Vocalpoint to facilitate our review. All opinions are strictly our own and were formed through personal testing of the products. As with any product or service, your results may vary. Affiliate links have been used in this post to help offset the cost of our hosting, at no additional cost to you,  should you choose to make a product purchase.

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My hair has gotten so long lately. And it’s always been really thick and fairly straight. But as I’ve gotten older, it’s thinned a bit and the stick straight hair of my youth has developed some frizz and this odd wave. I mainly get the wave in my hair on really humid and rainy days. You know what your hair looks like when you take it out of a pony tail? Yeah, that’s what it sometimes looks like.

Only I’ve not had a pony tail in it. Other days it’s really, really straight and looks pretty good with just a good brushing. But those days have become rare, so I tend to spend more time styling my hair now than I used to. Sometimes I like to wear it curly but on most days I tend to use a flat iron and straighten it out. I like to experiment with different styling tools for different looks and to see which can give me the best look in the quickest amount of time.

I recently had the opportunity to test out three awesome products by InStyler including:

  • TULIP Auto Curler – Soft Curls, Beachy Waves, Striking Tight Curls

  • Ionic Styler Pro – Ceramic hot brush and flat iron with cool touch ionic bristles

  • MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron – For straightening, volume, shine, controlling frizz, texture and speed

I’ll try to feature them all after the Holidays but for now I really want to show you the Ionic Styler Pro by InStyler. I used it, in place of my regular flat iron and the results were pretty good!

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

The Ionic Styler Pro is really cool in that it can be used as both a curling brush and a flat iron. It is a ceramic hot brush and flat iron with cool touch ionic bristles and dual ionic ceramic technology. The bristles stay cool to the touch so you can wrap your hair around it and hold it in place. It also locks in place to use it as a curling brush and can be opened up if you want to create sleek, smooth, straight hair. Actually, you’ll use it both ways when straightening you hair.

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

Here’s how: (check out our Ionic Styler Pro demonstration video below)

To start out, lock the styler into the curling brush position. Turn it on and let it heat up. You’ll then use it as a brush to brush through your hair and remove any tangles. This also helps with the straightening process because you’re brushing your hair down with a warm brush which sort of helps set the style.

Next, section your hair into two to four sections. I like to part mine in half horizontally across the back of my head and work on the underneath layer first. Pin the top layer up on top of your head. Then divide the lower layer into two sections.

Start on one side of your head. Use the Ionic Styler Pro to brush out any tangles created while pulling your hair into sections. Pull up 1 inch strands of your hair and close the Ionic Styler Pro, sliding it down gently and slowly from about 1 inch from the root to the ends. Open and release your hair. Then continue with the rest of the section.

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

Next, unpin the other side of your hair and flat iron that section. Then move on to the top layer repeating the steps you did on the bottom. Once all your hair has been flat ironed, go over any sections that may need additional smoothing.

Now that you’re done, you have pretty, straight hair that is shiny and smooth!

The Ionic Styler Pro worked really well to flat iron my hair. I didn’t have a lot of luck using it as a curling brush my hair is super hard to curl. I wasn’t able to create big curls all over my head but it did curl the ends under for me when I wanted a softer straight look and not so stick straight. All I did was flat iron my hair to the ends and then give it a twist and held it a few seconds. Then released it and got this nice flip on the ends. The bristles and end are cool touch so I was able to hold the hair wrapped around the brush, in the process.

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

Ionic Styler Pro Features:

  • Cool Touch Bristles
  • Heated Ceramic Barrel
  • Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • Cool Tip
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Heat Indicator Light
  • 6′ Professional Swivel Cord

Best hair types for each styling option:

  • Flat iron works for all hair lengths and naturally straight, wavy or curly hair
  • Hot brush works best for medium/short length hair and medium/fine texture
  • Use to create beachy waves for short to medium length hair

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

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Ionic Styler Pro by InStyler Price: $79.99

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