Personalized Santa Letter @usfg #santawillwrite

Start a new Holiday Tradition that will quickly be your child’s favorite!

Santa Will Write - Personalized Santa Letter


Santa is ready to send a beautiful package including a fully personalized Santa Letter just for your special loved ones. Simply select the package you would like and watch your child’s absolute JOY when he or she receives a letter straight from the North Pole that talks all about them personally – what they want for Christmas and what they have done to be good. Watch your child’s eyes light up when they see their names on the Nice List!

Bring the magic of Christmas into your child’s life with


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Deluxe Package (and free postage) worth $21.70. The Deluxe Package includes:

  • A personalized letter from Santa
  • A delightful and fun note from Rudolph
  • A beautifully decorated nice list certificate
  • Make-a-Santa’s Workshop sticker sheetΒ and more!

Santa Will Write - Personalized Santa Letter

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