The Joy Of Going Back To Church

Do you ever feel like something is missing from you life? I know sure do. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s Christmastime or if God is reaching out but I feel like I”m being pulled back to church. I’ve had this overwhelming feeling lately to find a new church home. I’m positive it’s God sending me a message.

The Joy Of Going Back To Church

I attended church sporadically as a child but then we started going as a family not longer after Clay and I got married. Clay, our son and I used to attend church regularly. We were both even Baptized and joined the church we were attending. We never missed a Sunday and it felt so good going. If Clay couldn’t go do to work, our son and I still went with my mom. It was wonderful. The a few things happened and we stopped going regularly. Then we stopped going altogether. We had our second child and my mom got really sick so we didn’t go much during that time. My mom died and her funeral was in our church. See her casket up there in the front left an imprint in my mind that I just couldn’t seem to shake. But we kept going, even if it wasn’t regularly. Then we moved even farther from our church then we were which made it really hard to get there on time. Our pastor left the church suddenly and while we loved the new pastor, we just couldn’t seem to get there. Then came all the pregnancies and miscarriages.

None of the churches where we live seemed like a good fit for our family. And I think I  really shut down inside with everything that was happening around us. So we eventually just stopped going. At all.

But lately… I’ve just had this feeling. This feeling that I need to get back into church. We have two more children now for a grand total of 4. We’ve always talked about God and our faith. We say give thanks before each meal and at bed time. We celebrate Jesus at Christmas. And I teach my kids all I know about the bible. But it’s not enough. They need a church home. I need a church home. And I think I’m ready to find a new one. I know how good it feels to start going to church again. And I need that feeling! I’m not perfect. I never will be. But having a place to worship will certainly put me on a better path.

I have friends in Florida who recommend their church and I know that Palm Beach Gardens Worship can be done in many places, but few are as welcoming as Palm Beach Community Church. While I won’t be attending there because that is several states away, I will definitely be on the lookout for a new church home for our family. I have this giddy feeling inside just thinking about it!

Do you attend church with your family? Any recommendations on finding a new church home and going back to church?

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